I have suggest juniper plant tree

The griffer is Saw juniper tree We need replace tree


That’s a good suggestion. I don’t see any reason why this should not be possible. It’s so sad when you work on a nice town and then a griefer comes and cuts down all juniper trees! It’s awful to walk several years to get juniper kindling :frowning: Please make replanting juniper trees possible

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i would plant them :slight_smile: i like them. they give a mediterranean flair and fit well with the white adobe walls.


Why walk far to fetch juniper tinder? Try using wood shavings?


Cause I am obviously a dummy :grimacing: thank you. Didn’t know I can start a fire with wood shavings. I can build an oil rig, but the tech of firing with wood shavings was a secret to me until now :joy:


Heres a nice tip for you if you turn a straight branch into a tool handel then use flint on it it makes chopsticks and wood shavings. Then you can use the flint on the chopsticks and get more wood shavings.

This technically makes the only tree necessary for a town to survive is the straight branch trees.

You’d still need at least 3 curved branches for the fire drill, flint tipped drill and saw

You actually only need two. Since the flint tip can be removed. But you dont need those in town since you can simply go get them when needed.

And since fire bows don’t break unless its stolen then it should still be in the camp. So recovering from a horrible griefer attack really only takes straight branches and a couple trips to get a new bow and like 2 curved branches before everything’s back on track.