I hope the capacity of the container is indicated

When i collect some mineral ,i usually use container
So I carry many containers, things like pictures happen.
I’m confused which container is full​:joy::joy:
During i cant find what isn’t full container, my horse often run away
So how about show the capacity?I think it would be nice if it was marked like this next to the container’s handwriting.
Lapis Container 2/5


nice idea. i have this problem too.


That is a great idea!

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I think this is a good idea user-wise, but it will be difficult to achieve any good result by showing the internal “use count”.
For example: While it would show as you say for the Crock Containers, all Stacks and Piles of objects have use count 1 for the smallest pile, with 2 objects in it. It would be weird to show this number as 2/5 when it means 3 objects in the pile, out of 6 maximum.

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maybe when the crock container is full the lid could be at an angle. so you see the status:

‚empty‘ by white paper
‚filled‘ by the drawing on the paper
‚full‘ with the lid at an angle


What about tick marks like the kerosene tank?


I really hope it will be implemented that capacity of container will be shown. Imo it doesn’t need to say the exact capacity, but just like @Maengish mentioned at least „empty“ „partial full“ and „full“ should be visible. I also never know which container to take with me for collecting stuff without trying.

You could also show the capacity by changing the picture on the front. When it’s partly full show for example one carrot, when it’s completely full show more carrots. Or always show the amount of stuff that is in there :woman_shrugging:t2:

Whatever way it will be, I just hope it will show when it’s completely full! I think many ppl would like if you consider this @Christoffer