I’m bored

I feel like this game isn’t really fun anymore. No one plays on anything but the beginner servers and I am tired of being born in the same old towns. When the towns are big I feel like I have nothing to do, but when I start a new little home something either gets ruined or I can never get someone to bury me. I don’t know if there is anything that would make me want to keep playing this game which sucks because I used to love it.


I welcome you to Japanese normal server but maybe learn some Japanese words la . There are still many new villages and still advancing villages. If you are born in super advanced village, don’t mind to live too long .

I like the Japanese servers but even knowing a few Japanese words it is still hard to work together to make a good town. I like that they always have people on their advanced server compared to the us where no one ever likes to play anything but the beginner server. I used to really like this game and love learning new things to make or whatever. Now it’s just kinda lonely.

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I know it is getting lonely as people move to beginners servers. But , now without constant updates, we can’t increase the number of players online. Hmmm… maybe getting some friends to play together might be a good idea .

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