I name all my kids "I am You Are Stay Here" by accident

I always forget that I’m naming the babies when I first pick them up. When I play as Eve I forget to name myself because I’m too busy. My babies names usually end up like " I am You Are Stay Here". or “You are need carrots”

The keyboard is telling me to name myself but it’s forcing me to do it. I would like to name myself and the kids only when I type the full “I am Eve” and “You are Baby” by myself. Then a short sound effect as feedback from the game that I named my kid successfully.

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We have heard similar feedbacks from others as well. We are evaluating solutions to improve on this. Hopefully it can be in the next update.


I prefer the shorter name system, considering you can’t move or do anything whilst the keyboard is active you’d want to do it as quickly as possible, getting rid of “I am” and “you are” may be the 5 seconds between you dying, and you reaching that Berry bush in time


Mine are usually follow or say f for food

If you upgrade to version 0.9.9, there is now a dedicated button only for naming.

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