I object to this system

Thank you for making the Biginner server active for Newborn, but since the murder is banned, it is difficult to deal with it immediately after being damaged by Griffer. I just got one. The manager informed me immediately, but it is difficult to deal with. So I want you to lift the restrictions on the general server or allow the kill to take immediate action against griffer.

I’m sorry for always bringing up problems, but since the restriction on general servers began, the griffer seems to have become more serious. I need your help me.

There was also bullying through the petal chain. There are voices of concern among users as their petal chains do not unravel even if they report them.
I heard that there were 2~3 severe grief at kr beginner server today
Players feel that they are griefing in the same way they did yesterday.
And players even more worried because griefers used the rebirth of flower
-idk the official expression of this😅-
they act as a group so flower markers are valid🙁

oh no thats sad to hear. does banishment not work? or do they come back after banishment? they should get a local ban.

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Geographical deportation is unlikely to solve the fundamental problem. Other villages are saddened by various griffers. It’s hard to defend against them and to expel them.

@Yang-E Hi, I’ve been away a couple of days, but now I am back.

The idea is that experienced users need to play mostly on the non-beginner servers, if they want to be “safe” from the iOS ID reset exploit. It’s voluntary of course.

Real beginners are not as vulnerable to non-kill griefing, because they are not very advanced. They are very vulnerable to killing though, so keeping the beginner servers no-kill seems a wise choice.

So while I sympathize with you, I think that the system we have now is better for a larger number of players.