I search friend, hi

Hello everyone. I am Evelina, I am from belarus and I am looking for friends to play on private servers, or public with the help of lilly and funeral.

Hi. So you have privated server? I want to found friends too and play. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no more. But we can play on a public server

And I have my private server for a month, but it probably won’t work for friends

Ohhhh… I don’t know how to play in the same place everytime when I play in a public server. I had a private server too, but it isn’t work now.

I hope see you at the play one da y and play together :slight_smile:

We can go to zero online to put lilly and bury each other, thereby reborn in lilly

Nice idea. Ok, when we star the game?

Oh sry. You re here?