I think I might be done

I have been playing this game for some time. I was part of the beta but only for a short while before the game was released. I purchased it as soon as it was available and have enjoyed playing.

I noticed when the issues with Jason started popping up in this forum that my game service became unreliable. I am not sure if that just was a coincidence, maybe the update I had done just before that was the problem. Idk. I struggled to play for a while. It took me 1-2 minutes just to pick a berry and then another 1-2 minutes to eat that berry. I had created several eve camps only to die in old age unable to get the food in my mouth in time. So frustrating.

I sent a request for help and was told it was my device. Disheartening for sure. I am using the same device as I have used from the beginning. iPhone 7. I tried rebooting, data on, data off, deleting and reinstalling. Nothing seems to work. And I felt so dismissed by who contacted me.

I’m not even looking for help. Keep the $5. $8, I bought the family chronicles too. I had fun from the beginning up until the issues started.This game is unplayable to me and apparently that is my fault. I just wanted to speak my piece.



If you’re not happy with the mobile version, buy the PC version.

If only the pc version become mobile too. Then I can enjoy one hour one life and you are hope at the same time . Why ? Hmm… it is fun to see how these two games grow in time . Sadly , for a person who have my phone on my hand all the time and the not so want to open computer to play game motivation at all time , it is less likely for me to buy it as I can’t play it on the time I want . Can’t deny that the computer version is much superior but … convenience I guess.

It’s your connection to the server that is the issue, nothing can be done about it from their end to fix that.

My connection has been the same since the beginning. I have changed nothing on my end. It worked well up until a few months ago. I have no other issues with any other apps. Just this one.

That’s sad to hear, but if you experience that severe lag I understand that it becomes unplayable for you.
With a networked game on a global scale, there are unfortunately several components that are beyond the control of game developers. We have to rely on the various network operators to actually route the messages between your device and our servers.
Because of how the server code works, we know that if a single player gets delayed by the server, then all the players on that server will get the same delay. So if only one player experiences it, then the problem is elsewhere. No-one is saying that it’s your fault. But there is a network issue somewhere between your device and the server, which is probably not fixable by us.
Hopefully, whatever it was that changed to introduce the problem will change back again, but in the meanwhile feel free to ask for a refund from Apple. There would be absolutely no hard feelings from our side since the service doesn’t work as it should for you. If you don’t know how, send me a DM and I will point you to the right resources.