I think I’ve Found Something Interesting…

Every time I spawn as an Eve and go north for a minute or two and only north, I end up always finding a camp that has players in it. Sometimes it’s even a camp I’ve made. When I recently died (of starvation) in my camp, I spawned as an Eve, went North, and found it again (an unrelated Eve had been living there for a couple minutes). I did this multiple times. Went North, found a small camp (typically they differ). Went North, found a small camp. Eventually, I realized this wasn’t a coincidence.

I don’t know if you can find places that are uninhabited using this trick. Maybe I should test it a few more times.

If this was already known throughout the forum/game, then I’m going to feel really stupid.

Eves spawn in an expanding spiral. It looks like at the moment that spiral is heading south, so by going north you can find old camps and south for new ones. Since this game has been going for quite a while now the direction of the spiral should remain roughly constant for days at a time now. However eventually the direction back down the spiral will change. I have seen this too. Maybe we should try and keep a record of which direction the spiral is going?

Good idea!


Going straight North to find old camps still works.

Yeah i found some random dead camps too as i went north.

Eve spiraling rocks!

I found this deserted village by going South of the Eve spiral.

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Now I’m using the Eve spawning trick to get back there every single time. OHOL is the best!

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i dont get the spiral of the spawning. for me its always to the right where i find old towns (server europe-2).