I wanna play

Hi I really like this game and I want to try it can you please send me an invite I will follow the rules of the game and try to survive even though I feel late to the party

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Just play it, live your life. Ask people to let you follow them to help if you need to learn. Getting raw resources is the first thing to learn before you use them. Start with that, someone smithing get them iron. Someone’s cooking get them meat. Etc.

How do I enter the game it’s on mobile right

It’s right smack in the middle of your screen.

Buy it off App Store. Its $5, very cheap for a game that normally is $30 for pc and it’s the same. It should be the same price almost in my opinion for how good it is. I’ve never spent more time playing any other mobile game. Definitely got my moneys worth even with the “flaws”.


The game is avalible on the app store / google play. The game cost 5 US dollars. And it is a mobile adaptation of the original One Hour One Life (PC vertion) wish it cost 20 US Dollars.

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