I want to be able to carry penguins with me!

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  1. First, find a penguin
    먼저, 펭귄을 찾습니다

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2. Then place the fish near the penguin
그리고 펭귄 주변에 물고기을 내려 놓습니다

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3. After that, the penguin eats the fish deliciously!
그 후, 펭귄은 물고기를 맛있게 먹습니다!

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4. Dragging a full penguin with a rope…?
배가 부른 펭귄에 밧줄을 드래그하면…?

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5. Now you can carry your penguins!
이제 당신은 펭귄을 데리고 다닐 수 있습니다!

…I imagined it like this once.
…라고 한번 상상해본 적이 있습니다.

In fact, I have tried many attempts to bring the penguins to town, and all have failed.
사실은, 펭귄을 마을로 데려오기 위해 수많은 시도를 했고, 모두 실패했습니다.

If it’s really updated like this, it’d be really convenient.
만약 이게 진짜로 업데이트가 된다면 편할 것 같아요.

(I used translation. There may be errors)

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