I want to talk 3 things

I want to talk about future of you are hope
This is my very personal opinion

Three things that make it worth playing the game consistently
Things that make people dont feel irritated and leave the game

 First griefers

Its about basic but important
Problem is griefing is way too easy
Killing someone is not a big threat
It has very clear penalties and that is called balance
But what if just destroy box with axe as easy in secret?
Or just hide tools or leave the horse away
I mean its really easy to do it in secret
Harder to know who it was
And much harder to give him 3 curses
I think making the system not easy to griefing is most important
Private server is not the solution for griefing
Private server is for convenience.
For who need to play with ones you already know
Not random person
Child do not choose their parents usually
Im gonna write this again below

We recently fixed some about newcomen block
I suggest the box not destroyed by axe
There are reasons when OHOL do it
This is also related to the direction of updates to talk soon
And about curse
In mobile we dont curse by name and it is not easy way to curse when greifing is in secret

I think
3 curses condition is ok.
Donkeytown for 5 would be good
And about curse token .
Giving One token for 40 minutes and
exceptional token for the murderer

The reasons for this are as follows
I actually have not seen such case that
More than three people use curses good man on purpose
I only have seen people cannot curse when
They have NO token or
Couldnt know who griefer is
Or dont know exactly How the curse works

We CANT Control even ONE silent greifer with every People in town
Even knowing there is a griefer in town
Doesn matter whether the town is big or very first small

Making system not easy to griefer is a matter
to be worried about together

 Second convenience.

Also basic and important
If ever played and farm carrots
Of course would have seen every each carrot
Placed on the ground
I said again
There is reason when OHOL update for fix some
OHOL is improving convenience with updates and its already proven
theres no reason to reject it

If you want make the game different from OHOL.
What about vehicle within baby
No i mean baby within vehicle
When you are mom and driving.
Get a baby and you can give a ride together
occupying one large space
Isnt it strange can not put my baby in the car
i mean Its a car.
How about horse cart.
Its for moms convenience
Which is not in OHOL. Is it good?

  Third the last

The direction of updates
I really dont catch how do you think about this
First i want to ask you
Is it you can not bring nice contents in OHOLs updates to here for some reasons
Or just you dont
I think car with engine and AM radio is probably the last update that is origin from OHOL

This will be seriously and very personal opinion
I wanna say Civilization of the YAH is not progressing
YAH is not rpg game limited life born as baby and die. No your own town. No your own things
Civilization progressing with my family
Die and leave legacy. There is other people and make town improved
So does OHOL
Whats different then?

in OHOL trailer movie.
Jason says

  • All of this is just the beginning
  • As players climbing up through tech tree.
  • Will be staying one step ahead of them by
  • Adding new stuff to the game every week -
    And it shows real sports car. mono rail. And robot
    It is not important that every week
    The point is i like the idea about climbing Civilization of whole game and thats why
    Play OHOL
    Jasons direction is very clear and understandable and balanced
    It’s in optimization state and still optimizing as a game based on OHOL’s origin
    and YAH is based on OHOL
    If you want to make YOH different from OHOL
    Should optimize by different way
    That seems like not easy
    They already have the way. But we try to find new
    We need to consider bringing what OHOL players liked because that is very optimized thing on OHOL and YAH is based on OHOL

Maybe most people would have played OHOL at first and then found in mobile version
They would like the OHOL’s idea for sure

After AM radio OHOL got Airplane first.
And player emotions. New clothes. New food.
Private Fence. Camera. New water pit.
Different family and using different language
And translate.
It has been added many new stuff for playing fun

We got new design. New characters. New food.
And we can kill bugs
Lets see. New characters and private server do not increase the things we have to do
It doesnt matter with civilization improve
I like the food
They got frech fries and ice cream but we have noodles . More various food that makes the game more colorful
But we usually make only some of them
New characters also good its more various
We can kill bug now but it is not about civilization
and i dont use that usually. no purpose
Private server.
For convenience. There are people who need to play with their friends
There was No your own town or stuff but private server make you can own this whole town
You can have your area. you can choose your people. You can own every stuff only for you.
limited life doesnt have meaning you can reborn in place where you chose
It is becoming different meaning from basic
But these are nothing about climbing tech tree.
Is YAH’s direction not about climbing
about making various from existing?
If you say it is and you can go OHOL if you like that way then
Well. should do maybe but im just wondering now what the direction you are thinking

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You are hope is doing a hard split from ohol.
Jason has expressed to christopher that he doesnt want them to use his updates anymore.
I dont know what christopher and the rest have planed for YAH but it will be a much difreant game then ohol.

For example we wont be getting the property fences from ohol or airplanes. But we might instead get foxes or bear hats. Maybe they will add the ridable bears from the events into the base game.

Also the reason why private servers are being added is after much pressure from players for the developers to add them. Wed been asking for private servers for months. A lot of players on the english servers play solo. Most nights you get born between 3 or 4 difreant solo players before finally spawning as an eve. Theres only a few hours every day that theres non solo players playing together.
I personally believe that private servers will make the game more playable for new players since they would be able to be born as a baby more often and have more interactions with players who dont abandon them for solo play.


You made a lot of good points.

@daycat It will take some time to answer all of your points. I am in the middle of implementing the Rice update, so I don’t have enough time right now. I just want you to know that I have read your post and will answer it in the near future.


Rather than answering all your questions as you posed them originally, I have now written a post about my vision for You are hope. I think it will answer your post to some extent, and then we can go from there.