I wish i can get invited to play the game

I always wanted to play this game

Please try to read the forum first and refrain from posting topics that have been covered multiple times, there is an entire thread on how to sign up for the beta, if the places are full and you can’t join then please refrain from doing what literally everyone else has done, which is ignoring the entire forum to just post a one line topic, asking to be in the beta.
It’s quite simple really, there’s an entire thread on how to sign up, and then about 20 more because of people like you neglecting or not even making the effort to read anything on here.
Which shows a lot to be honest because if you’re not going to be part of the community here on the forum then what can we expect from you in game? We have enough people that think the entire game revolves around them and their needs, we don’t need more.

I did read it

So the point in this post is?

It’s because I just joined today I didn’t no nothing about joining and stuff I still can’t figure it out

Okay so if you read the forum, like you said you did, then you’d know that to participate in the beta you’d need to message @Christoffer directly, with your email, OS, and OS version, and you’d also know that the android slots for the beta are full and iOS are now limited.
This entire topic would have been completely unnecessary…