I wish we had rivers and irrigation systems-general suggestions

Here’s what I think would make the game more interesting. If we had a river coming out from a mountain, we could make an iron tool and dig a passage to the farm and create an automatic irrigation system. That way future generations wouldn’t have to depend on a person to keep the farm productive. We could focus more on creating meaningful relations with our families.


Omg yes that is a such a good idea the river is a unlimited water sourse unless it dries up and iron mines that you dig and after generations and generations you will be getting more and more iron


There is a redit for the actual game suggestions. This idea is something that have been around for a wile now. Jason is thinking about lakes and rivers… It will come at it time.

This is the link for the actual Redit forum:


Rly, cool

I like the idea of an irrigation system.

Maybe if there would be some bamboo we could use it as pipes. And there could be a water reservoir you can fill with 10 buckets of water. From the reservoir you build the pipes to your farm.

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