I would LOVE a new update

So I’m trying to work on a project thought of a few things

If we could add swimming so we don need to get trapped by griefers incase we dont have the materials we need to make bridges.

And with landscaping with water, fountains would be a great addition as well.

I noticed we dont have grapes so if we could get them to make wine and while we’re at it some nice glassware.

I have some extra candles that I made by accident. If we could maybe make them into tea lights or some scented candles. Maybe some rose petals too.

Oysters caviar and chocolate

Flavored oil for yum bonus

Massage table


For somereason i felt like i just read something from your sugestions on discord lmao


That was nice garden. I want to make that in my private server

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I love that garden!

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I LOVE your suggestions, what a romantic you are Jeff! xD


Swimming would be a very nice thing. Its just like walking, but slower.

Fountians are hard to make but are a good idea.

Grapes grown in grasslands i think. It would just be a nice fruit to eat to feed your hunger and wine would be nice to, and also wine glasses.

Maybe a tea light is just a steel ingot+smithing hammer and then add a candle. And then, add a cool glass for a lantern, and put it on a steel pipe for a lamp post!

Oysters can be get by fishing and caviar to but thats more rare. Maybe you can catch fish and put it in a terrarium? Then you can breed it and have unlimited fish. But you would have to refresh the water or they die. Caco plants for in the jungle are a good idea. Break the nuts, break the smaller ones, melt it and add sugar. Then eat it to fill your hunger bar.

Flavored oil? For cooking?

And massage tables are not realy needed.



there could be grapevines with 3 bunch of grapes.
you can put the grapes in a big bucket made out of wood.
so in early days you stomped grapes with your feet to get wine.
after stomping the wine is ready :partying_face:
you can tap the bucket and get wine into a glass.


I like the idea! OHOL allready got a sortlike idea with grapes and wine though.

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oh darn! didn’t saw that. twisted already made a video about it 4 month ago. i’ll guess it’s to late.

but hmm they stomp the grapes with a stomper in a crock. thats way too hard. with the feet its easier :wink: gives it some italian flavor.

maybe beer or whiskey then?

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