Ice pool moves! Freaky!& full berry bush + clay bowl = nothing

Ok i have seen it plenty of times where the ice water pools move around a few times then settle i think it kinda freaky to have the ice pool chase me for couple steps. I believe it moves when a :penguin: or seal jumps in the ice water then it capable to move the ice pool.

Another one i have noticed and tested a few times is the empty clay bowl on a full 6 berry bush and it doent collect the berries like i have seen on youtube.

Can you please look into these for me? I hope i helped out a bit. I enjoy your game thoroughly and please a tutorial for people who are new or need a quick review would be awsome thank you for your time and dedication

Sincerly Wolfgirl Aria aka Aria Wolflord

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To get the berries in to the bowl you need to get every berry into it one by one

I’ll put this on our bug list, to check a little later when we have time.

You have seen videos from earlier, when picking berries worked differently. That changed a while ago into the current behavior.

Thanks for reporting!