Idea of new objects - firecrackers

Interesting ideas I saw in a Chinese Forum~
I have got the permission of the author to translate and post~

As the Spring Festival approaches, firecracker is a festive object that can drive away the “bad things”, reflecting the ancient Chinese people’s desire for peace and happy life~

In the game, maybe it can be used to scare away the bears and the other animals~😄


I want a spring Festival update.:heart_eyes:

When is spring festival? Isn’t the Chinese New Year sooner?

The Spring Festival is drawing near~
on January 25, 2020~

Spring Festival = Chinese Spring Festival = Chinese New Year

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Ok. In Sweden, New Year = mid winter

Does this mean you are thinking about implementing it?:star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

It would have been nice to do something for Chinese New Year. My team will be on leave for two weeks over Xmas and New Year though, so I’m afraid It will be difficult with timing…

I will think about it, once we get our Xmas update out.


It’s nice~~ Thanks for ur reply~~~!