Idea on New system to dying when we get killed

(sorry for the absurd title)

Up until now the way we die is if we stabbed by someone, the countdown is start. A few seconds later we die. I’m fine with it, but what if we changed a little bit.

Instead of count down start running, what if the foodbars is decreasing? Say, when 2 second pass, foodbars will decrease by 1 bar. Means we either die faster or die slower depending on how full we are. If we’re hungry, we die faster because there’s just not enough foodbar. It’s just like we run out of blood.

We could also slowing the dying process by applying some herbal medicine to the wound that act like stopping the bleeding for a short time. The medicine will add 3 bars to our foodbar giving us a few seconds while other searching for medical tool. The medicine also could only be applied once (not twice).

The advantages of this new system is

  1. Player can know how much time they had before dying. So they could decided to keep running for help or accept their fate.
  2. The herbal medicine could give more time for the nurse or other to save them.
  3. It’s more fun. lol
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