Ideas for expanding toturial area

So ive noticed on the us begginer server and us1 in general it seems like the biggest thing that holds most civilizations back is iron veins. Theres only a few players who know how to use them and we almost never teach new players that crucial step because when iron is low we leave the towns to search for them rather than try to explain or drag someone along with us.

Ive also seen a fair bit of smiths who have no idea how to mine for iron either. So i was thinking maybe there should be iron veins and gold for crowns added right outside of the toutorial exit or maybe a new section to teach it.

Itd also be a good idea for a weekend event if not added to the toutorial. Like make an event where we have to make the stanction kits and empty 2 or 3 iron veins.


Good idea!