Ideas for new clothes mechanics and toys

Pigs: use a knife/flint chip to get pig hide that can be used for pig leather jackets/pants or a pig head hat like the wolf hat.
Pig hat: wumbos idea
pig leather clothes: Bens idea

Bear: use a knife/flint chip on a bear skin to make a bear skin head and a bear pelt. The bear skin head could be used for a hat. Ember drew a nice picture that can be the conceptual art. And the pelt could be used to make leather.
Bear hat: multiple peoples idea
Bear pelt: my idea

Now my ideas.
Cows: same idea as pigs but being able to cut the cow hide into 2 or more pieces before making leather.

Snake pit: feed a snake a rabbit for a snake egg that can be placed in a trash pit to make a egg pit or something then add sheep dung to make incubating snake pit that can be harvested for snake skins everyhour with a knife. Could say something like snake pit when its harvestable and snake den when theres only one in it. If harvested when theres only one in it it turns into a trash pit again.
Then make recipies for snake leather cowboy hat/jackets that would use the pig/cow leather clothes.

The snake pit could also just spawn a snake like bear caves do instead of using a knife on it to get a snake skin. Would probably be easier to develop that way.

Leather taning rack: could just add a fence kit to a fence post or something and fuel it with kindeling. fire it to smoke the leather and then use a knife on it. Not realistic but would get the idea of tanning across.

Leather would be less coverage than rabbit fur clothes but more availiable in late stage towns.

Toys: leather… Of cours American football from pigskins and a soccer ball from from any leather. The soccer ball could be kicked up or down by swipping up or down on it. Left and right by swipping left or right.

The football could be thrown at someone and it would automatically be placed in their hands. Or knock something out of their hands if they were holding something.


Thanks for liking the bear hat :heart:


This will be a good item. I will love to have a bear hat…


The baby looks so silly!

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