Ideas for new plants - strawberry/ walnut tree/ apple tree/ cherry tree

So here are a few of my ideas for new plants (because… well, I was bored today😅)

Strawberry: grass biome

Planting/harvest: Planting and seasonal growing/ seasonal harvest like raspberry

Recipes: strawberry cake, strawberry milkshake, sweetened porridge with strawberries, or just eat it as it is

Walnut tree: grasslands
Planting/harvest: walnuts grow seasonal (like cactus). Got a big tree top, replantable with shears for more decoration (and some harvest now and then)

Recipes: no idea… for now just eatable as it is. Use a round stone before though to crack the shell

Apple tree: grows in prairie

Planting/harvest: exactly like mango tree. I think it could be just a nice addition for decorating a town. In general it should be like the mango tree and the apples can be harvested/eaten just like the mangos. Maybe there will be further use in the future. (Like apple juice?)

Cherry tree: I would be so happy to see seasonal cherry blossoms blooming in town :smile: I don’t even need another use for them than just decoration

Planting/harvest: planting just like the other trees. Cherries can be just picked and eaten from mouth to hand (they regrow when season starts again. Because it’s so easy tho they shouldn’t give much food value like bananas). Also a nice way to have more simple food variety for early camps to build a yum chain.

I am sure there could be more recipes for all the plants I mentioned… maybe someone has some ideas?


I think the apple tree would be better if you could just eat the apples as is instead of cutting them in half. It’d be like an upgraded berry bush then lol.

Mangos tend to have the stigma that many players ignore them because you have to cut the mango in half on a plate to eat them.

Lol for some reason i want to be able to poison a apple… Not for griefing of course lmao but we could use it as poison bait for bears. If some poor soul eats a poisoned apple by accident then its just Darwinism taking effect considering it would say poisoned apple.

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