Ideas for update

Ides for an update centering on new playstyles for eves.

  1. Totem: changes familys homemarkers to point towards the person holding it. Or maybe if you place it down it resets your familys homemarker to that spot. Acts like a bell would if rung. So it doesnt replace homemarkers placed but shows for people who havnt placed one.
    Maybe a reed flute instead of a totem. Use a flint chiped bow drill on reeds to get the flute. Could also play a little flute music when held.

  2. Stone knife: A ancient knife made from a tool handel and flint. Cant stab and breaks after 1 use on skined animal.

  3. Bear meat broth: A meat broth that restores more food.

  4. More travel friendly items: Make the water pouch able to hold berries. Easiest way in my opinion would be to make it so you use it on a full bush and it just fills the pouch with berries that could then be eaten one by one.
    Also make the pouches able to hold meat broth and turkey broth. Theyd be able to be carried in backpacks and baskets then. (Baby carrier would be a perfect fit for a mobility themed update)

  5. Some more stackables: seal skins would be extra nice, all clothing skins, and bear skins.

The totem would allow a whole new early game playstyle. Such as traveling from biom to biom as a family gathering milkweed for tools and clothing and searching for lost civilizations.
Stone knife would make hunting more viable for the migrating familys.
Bear meat because it sounds cool and more foods is always a good thing.
And the pouch uses speaks for itself.
The stackable skins is just a quality of life idea.

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