Ideas I needed to get out of my head

More flooring-

The wooden floors are pretty but it’s really hard to see a lot of items on them since they’re around the same color, the brick floors take too long and I need flat stones for other things. Maybe straw floors? Pine floors? Stone floors?


Being a kid sucks so much. I get so annoyed when I’m trying to rebirth and I come back as a kid (lowkey just started preventing all the females to make sure it didn’t happen anymore LMAOO) but yeah. Turning 3 takes forever and there’s nothing to do…so what if we could craft little toy for them? Babies can play w rubber balls but I had diff ideas. Like a duck that has a string and u can pull it (maybe like axe a log and get one of those cubes, put a goose on a stump and hit the block w a mallet and it’ll come out like a duck figure or something) and then add a string. And they can like despawn over time.

More including boxes-

We need to be able to put more stuff in our boxes. And no, I don’t mean increase the inventory 4 is fine, I mean the TYPE of stuff we can put in there. Like I can’t put bowls of water in a box or goose on skewers, I think the whitelist should be a bit more broadened.

There is a lot of things that don’t despawn and it becomes a way of griefing kind of? Like people will make tons of arrow heads and charcoal pens bc they know we can’t destroy them. It’s really frustrating just having small stuff on your floor u can’t throw away.


Please please please let us use milk and skim milk for the baby bottles, it is so much more effective and we wouldn’t have to grow so much wheat

OMG i knew i forgot one thing, okay so i lowkey get anxiety that all the rose roots and indigo will be extinct :confused: can there be a way we can grow them :sob::sob: so i know its replenishable and i dont have to run so far

P.S.- how come blueberries are so hard to get, is cake supposed to be hard to make on purpose? if so thats ok, i just wanted to know


I think it makes sense that open containers like bowls of water can’t go in boxes. I would like a container (crock w/note) of palm olein because if you make palm wax and don’t have a bucket of latex to use it on, that bowl is going to be a waste of space until you do. I think filling bottles from a bucket of milk makes sense, but not skim milk, babies need the extra fat. We do however need to be able to make porridge from skim milk because unless you’re making paint, there’s A LOT more demand for butter and cream than for skim milk. Also cream and/or whipped cream containers need to be a thing.

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“babies need the fat” awww :sob::sob::sob:


I lowkey just want to be able to put my skewered geese in the boxes-


Why do you have sqewered geese laing around? Just wandering…

Puppies, possibly?

Or no oven to cook 'em?

I can see how you’d want the convenience of keeping your Collie’s favorite food on hand in a container. maybe a better solution is to make it so you can put a skewer in a goose that’s already cooked instead of only being able to remove it.

so people can cook them for collies, i have pet space and im trying to put all the materials/treats in the boxes corresponding to the puppy

to be honest yeah

What if you could put two pencils together to make 1 charcoal?

I think the arrowhead problem could be mitigated by making them like gold flecks. put up to 6 of them in a bowl and allow them in seed pouches. that way they’re much easier to clean up.

The charcoal idea is perfect idk about the arrowhead thing, I just want to be able to throw it in the dug pit.

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