Ideas that took me all day to come up with

@Christoffer lol spent all day coming up with new ideas and this is the results lmao
( -> ) means using the item on the left on the item on the right

Sorry for the huge wall of text lmao

Full ideas

Steel standing tank recipe:

Hot Steel bar -> Firing newcoman hammer = Hot Flat Steel bar

Hot flat Steel bar -> Firing newcoman hammer =Hot Steel Plate

Steel plate -> Steel plat = two Steel plates ( up to 6)

Steel Pipe -> Stack of six steel plates = Steel Standing Tank kit

Steel standing Tank kit -> Firing kiln = Steel Standing Tank

Bucket of water >Steel Standing Tank = Water Standing Tank (with mark for each bucket inside)

Tank of kerosene -> Steel Standing Tank = kerosene standing tank

Wheelbarrow -> Steel Standing Tank = wheelbarrow with standing tank

Wheelbarrow -> Water Standing tank = Wheelbarrow with water tank

Wheelbarrow -> Kerosene Standing tank = Wheelbarrow With kerosene tank

Long straight shaft ->wheelbarrow with * tank = Wheelbarrow with standing * tank

(Wheelbarrow would be uptuned with the tank on the ground)

Hands -> Wheelbarrow with standing * tank = wheelbarrow

(Standing tanks hold the same number of buckets as cisterns)
(Carrying standing tanks without wheelbarrow would give 50% movement speed modifier)

Wind mill related stuff:

Grinder tower kit recipe:

Long Straight Shaft -> Dug Big Rock = Big Rock with Shaft

Chisel -> Big Rock With Shaft =Big Rock with Shaft and Chisel

Mallet -> Big Rock With Shaft And Chisel = Millstone With Shaft and Chisel

Hand -> Millstone with shaft and chisel = Milstone with Shaft

Hand -> Millstone with Shaft = Millstone

Millstone -> millstone = Two Millstones

Longstraight shaft -> Two millstones = Grinder

Six steel gears -> grinder = grinder tower kit

Wooden Gear recipe:

Saw -> wooden wheel = wooden gear

Clay Gear Mold recipe:

Clay -> wooden gear = Wet Clay gear mold

Wodden Tongs -> wet clay gear mold = wet clay gear mold in wodden tongs

Wet clay gear mold in tongs -> Firing Kiln =Clay Gear mold in tongs

Clay gear mold in tongs -> ground = Clay gear mold
(Wooden gear is consumed)

Steel gear recipe:

Hot steel Ingot in Wooden Tongs -> Clay gear mold =

Hot Ingot with Clay gear mold

Woden tongs -> Hot Ingot with Clay Gear mold = Hot Ingot with clay gear mold in tongs

Hot Ingot with clay gear mold in tongs -> Firing kiln = Molten Ingot with clay gear mold in tongs

Molten Gear with clay gear mold in tongs -> ground = Molten Gear with clay gear mold

Molten Gear with clay gear mold -> time (five sec) = Steel Gear in Clay gear mold

Hand -> Steel Gear Gear mold in clay mold = Steel Gear
(Clay mold is consumed)

Wind mill kit recipe:

Yew shaft -> Yew shaft = two yew shafts

Two Yew shafts -> long straight shaft = windmill sail kit

Cloth -> sail kit = Windmill sail

Windmill sail -> windmill sail = two windmill sails
(Up to four)

Long straight shaft -> Four windmill sails = Windmill kit

Silo recipe: (Brick)

Wheelbarrow with bricks -> Brick tile with road stakes = unstable silo base

Plaster -> unstable silo base = Stable silo base

Wheelbarrow with bricks -> Stable silo base = unstable half silo

Plaster -> unstable half silo = Stable half silo

Wheelbarrow with bricks -> stable half silo = unstable silo

Plaster -> unstable silo = silo

(Silo can store the content of five crocks worth of
Grains like wheat seeds, flour, rice seeds, and peeled rice)

Windmill recipe:

Grinder tower kit -> silo (empty)= incomplete windmill
(Grinder tower kit hidden inside)

Hand -> incomplete windmill = Grinder tower kit

Windmill kit -> incomplete windmill = Windmill

Windmill function recipes:

Crock of Wheat seeds (full) -> windmill = crock of flour (full)

Crock of rice seeds (full) -> windmill = crock of peeled rice (full)

(Could be upgraded in the future to provide electrical power to charge batteries for electric cars and pumps.)

Windmill pump tower:

Many stakes -> deep weel (empty) = staked Deep well

Shovel -> Staked Deep well = Prepared Deep Well

Four long straight shafts -> wooden panal = Pump tower base

Pumptower base -> Prepared Deep well = Stable pump tower base

Pumptower base -> Stable pump tower = half pump tower.

Rope -> Four straight long shafts = pump tower top

Pump tower top -> Half pump Tower = Pump tower

Three boards -> Pump tower = covered pump tower

Four steel pipes -> pump tower = Piped pump Tower

Standing tank -> piped pump tower = Piped pump tower with water Tank

Windmill kit -> Piped pump tower with water Tank =
Unfinished Pump tower

Pressure pump -> unfinished pump tower = Pressure pump tower

Pressure pump tower -> time (one hour) = unfinished pump tower

Pressure pump recipe:

Cylinder -> firing new comman drill = Cylinder with hole

Crude piston with rubber seal -> Cylinder with hole = pump cylinder

Cylinder with hole -> pipe = pipe cylinder

Pump cylinder -> pipe cylinder = Pressure Pump

(Unfinished pump tower functions as normal deep well)
(Pressure pump tower has unlimited water buckets for the hour)

(Cotton spawns in green biom, can harvest six cotton bolls from it. And harvest seeds like milkweed.)

Cotton boll -> Cotton boll = two cotton bolls

Bone needle -> Two Cotton bools = needle with string

Cotton boll -> Carding paddles = cotton sliver

Drop spindle -> cotton sliver = string

Cotton sliver -> cotton sliver = sliver bundle

Sliver bundle -> spin wheel loom = spool and empty spin wheel

Small yarn ball -> tool shaft = spool

Cotton boll -> boiling water = Steril cotton pad

Carding paddles recipes:

Small Paddles -> steel needle mold = Carding paddles

Clay -> flat stone = flats stone with clay

Straight long shaft -> flat stone with clay = flattened clay on flatstone

Skewer -> flattened clay on flatstone = wet nail mold on flatsone

Wodden tongs -> wet nail mold on flatsone = wet nail mold in tongs

Wet nail mold in tongs -> firing kiln = nail mold in tongs

Nail mold in tongs -> ground = nail mold

Hot forged steel cruciable in tongs -> nail mold = steel nail mold
( empty cruciable in tongs)

Small paddles recipe:

Tool handel -> tool handel = two tool handels

Two tool handels -> boards = boards with two tool handels

Adze -> planks with two tool handels = small paddles

Spin wheel recipe:

Two short straight logs -> long straight log = spin wheel base

Small paddles -> spin wheel base = spin wheel base with paddles

Wheel -> spin wheel base with paddles = empty spin wheel

Tool shaft -> empty spin wheel = Spin wheel

Sliver bundel -> spin wheel = empty spin wheel and spool

loom recipe:

Adze -> boards = loom frame

Steel nail crucible -> loom frame = loom frame with steel nail crucible

Smithing hammer -> loom frame with steel nail crucible = loose loom

loose loom -> tower base = loom

Spool -> loom = threaded loom

Tool handel -> loom = ready loom

Spool -> ready loom = ready loom with spool

Needle -> Ready loom with spool= loom with half cloth

Spool -> loom with half cloth = loom with half cloth and spool

Needle -> Loom with half cloth and spool = Loom with cloth and tool handel

Cloth clothes:

Misc recipes:

Shears -> cloth = two pieces of cut cloth

Shears -> piece of cut cloth = two strips of cloth

Saw -> tool handel = Wooden buttons

Wooden buttons -> cloth = cloth with wooden buttons

Two strips of cloth -> two pieces of cut cloth = unsewn overalls

Strip of cloth -> piece of cut cloth = unsewn eye mask

Plain clothes:

Needle and thread -> two pieces of cut cloth = cloth pants

Needle and thread -> cloth = cloth skirt

Needle and thread -> piece of cut cloth = cloth hat

Needle and thread -> cloth with buttons = cloth button up shirt

Needle and thread -> piece of cut cloth with small ball of thread = cloth shoe

Fancier clothes:

Needle and thread -> cloth with two pieces of cut cloth and buttons = cotton trench coat

Needle and thread -> unsewn overalls = cloth overalls

Needle and thread -> unsewn eye mask = eye mask

Needle and thread -> two cloth = cotton dress

turkey feather -> cloth hat = turkey feather cloth hat

(Any) rose -> cloth hat = (any) rose Cloth hat

Cloth strip -> cloth hat = Fancy bow ribon hat

(All clothes can be dyed with one of the three colours in the game red, blue, or indian pigment)

Special item:

Cloth -> cloth = two cloth

Two strips of cloth -> two cloth = Two cloth with two strips

Wooden buttons -> two cloth with two strips = unsewn doufal bag

Needle and thread -> unsewn doufal bag = doufal bag

(Doufal bag can be carried like baskets and holds 4 items. Can be contained like baskets in boxes and carts. Can be worn on back but is buttoned up so must be taken off to get items from it.)


Bassically the ideas are

  1. Standing tank for holding water or kerosene.
  2. Various types of Windmills for grinding grains and pumping water
  3. Grain silos
  4. Cotton and cotton processing
  5. Clothes maid from cotton and wool cloth

I like the ideas! But windmills would be hard to make, because they are so big and wont fit on screen.

Yah irl windmills are huge lol. But in the game i was thinking something more simple and smaller. Itd take three sets of bricks to make. And would only take one ground tile for the building but would be like trees where they over lay whats behind them. Im thinking them being similar size to the rubber trees would be great.

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Ah, thats a way to. I would like seeing these giant windmills spinning and producing flour super fast! But we need to add wind, to make the windmill spin faster or slower.

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