Im Kiki zheng of us server.I hope U read this article.:(

I think you have a misunderstanding about solo and chinese players.I’m Kiki of us server.a chinese player.My family used to keep babys.At first, the children helped me build my town and farm the land.They help me make a steam machine.I rejoced at the harmonious game atmosphere.Im soooooo lucky to meet such a good foreign players!My town was getting bigger and bigger,however it appear some gierfer.They cut junipers,killed sheep.One day,I dressed my daughter in an apron and made her a new backpack.When she grew up, she gave birth to my first grandaughter.But she took out her bow and arrow that would be right behind the tree.She moved so fast that I couldn’t escape.Yes ,I was
Killed ,died by my most trusted daughter.Now I’m still very sad.I followed the bell back to my town.She cut all the tree.It hit me so hard that I decided not to adopt a baby again, which made me sad.After a while, I forgot my sadness, I adopted my baby again, I hope to use my love to inspire those gierfers.I volunteered to make backpacks, shoes and clothes for them.What makes me sadder is that i killed by my daughter angain ,the same tree,the same bow.Because these things disappoint me so much that I occasionally raise a baby, not every one of them.Until last week, other Eves came into my house, killed all my sheep, surrounded my bones and tried to cut me off.Im soo sad,I never ramdom killing,never destroy others home.I often reincarnate to help other families to make pies and steam machine.Most of the children are very kind, but there are still troublemakers. They don’t do anything and even want me to die.I’m sorry I didn’t give you a good game experience with my abandoned children.I want to alleviate your prejudice by telling you my story.


Oh. You are the one with so many rabbit that has been catch. If I’m not mistaken, you also have heart shape kitchen with a lot of bear skin, right?

I also has the same experience with you. I’m not solo player, i raise my son. At first he help me, but then he shoot me. His last words were “i hate solo”. I’m not even solo.

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Yes,it’s me.Baby said I’m cold blooded,but im just afraid of griefer…:frowning: I dont wanna be a solo player.By contrast, I prefer crowds to crowds.Actually, I can’t do that.

I was born to you a few times as well, your town was amazing! I’m sorry to hear you had problems with griefers. That’s why I only use a private server with friends now, it makes the game so much more enjoyable knowing all your work won’t be destroyed.

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those griefer just like to destroy ppl’s town for no reason, not because you are solo or you feed kids selectively, they just find some reason to destroy others effort.

I feel sorry to your town, and i hope you can gather good players to play with you in the future. I never go back to public server again, i am tired to deal with griefers, now i can feed all my babies in private server, it’s so much fun in private server and can’t coming back to public server again.

Try to keep an eye on your child or the weapon, when you found something losing, be alert!! Wish you good luck in the future. 祝福你 :slight_smile:


I went back to my home.Other Eves got my keys and stole half of my iron.I’m really disappointed with the griefers.I like this game very much.You don’t welcome Asians. Sorry, goodbye.Onehouronelife.:(


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Im sorry to here that your experiencing trouble on the united states server. Some of the players there have been on that server for very long times from back when players could go to any server regardless of languages. Needless to say they were griefed by foriegners and now have a predgudece.

Unfortunately griefing will happen in any server you play on. And some players are afraid of chinese players especially if they have ever played on the european server. Theres two highly active chinese players there who are griefers and break into walled towns just to destroy them.

If you still like the game id recomend playing on Us begginer ocasionally. There can be problems there with griefer and you cant keep your towns because of the high population but its a nice to unexpectedly build a great town.


Kiki, it’s nice to meet you on here. I have enjoyed your city a number of times. I used to get upset when an eve would let me starve, but now I understand. I have had a similar experience. My village was no where near as beautiful as yours, but it was still so lovely and I was really enjoying it. Then an ungrateful child murdered me. Everything was lost. If I had lost the village because I let myself starve or something I would have been upset but would have only myself to blame. To be murdered and to lose everything as a result is so upsetting. I don’t think murder should break an Eve’s link to her village. Just my opinion.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your creations. And don’t worry, most of us understand why you need to do what you do.


Hi, Kiki Zheng. I was born into your city one time. My mother fed me so I was able to grow and wander around and enjoy your city. It was the first of its kind that I ever got to see. I took screenshots just because I liked it so much.

I am not sure if I was born to you or someone else in your city. There were only two people in your city and then a bit later someone else found it.

If it was you who let me live in your city, thank you. If it was someone else, they showed respect for your town and so did I by not messing it up. Your creation is beautiful.


Hi Kiki, it’s been a long time since I have played as your son. But we had fun making pies and you taught me how to make rice. I enjoyed helping you get a horse to get back to your town after you were killed by your daughter. And I appreciated that you helped build my town when I was starting one. You have always been a good player and I am sorry these things happen to you.

I do enjoy playing with other player so for my town, I had peace Lilly’s everywhere. I removed all bow making capabilities by chopping most trees away in a large radius around the town. This also made it difficult for griefers to make a knife since they could not make a file. I fenced in my town and found that if you make it difficult to get weapons, griefers would rather not go through all the work and starve instead.

Unfortunately, after building that town, I randomly spawned as an eve in the middle of nowhere and lost my hard work. I never know how you keep getting back to you place despite getting griefed so many times. I hope you never lose your town.


I have eve spawn in her town and I would ring bells for her if needed.