I'm New

I just started playing this game earlier today (I had watched many videos on it months ago and had no idea there was a mobile app until today) and I’ve really enjoyed it so far but I decided to come here because I really want to get better. Throughout many lives/hours playing this game so far all I’ve really learned how to do is farm goose berries. I want to find out more though. I want to do things like start fires, hunt, and find out more about what spirals and stuff like that are.

Everyone I’ve encountered ingame so far has been helpful for the most part, which is great considering the fact that I was expecting them to just abandon me after realizing I sucked at the game. But yeah, I’m here to learn more about this wonderful game!


Welcome to the fam! We would love to help you, you can message me if you ever have any questions about the game. Cheers :beers:

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Look at #strategy-advice for tips and tricks.

Dont worry about it. Lol btw most players will leave you once youve turned three. But thats because thats the working age lol.
If you ever want to learn about something while in game grab a bowel of berries and then stalk someone whos doing a job you want to learn.

Just make sure your not standing in their way or standing on tools.
Also let them know you want to learn they will probably try to teach you or if theyre like me ninty percent of the time they will tell you to just watch them work.