I'm really tired of the accusations against other countries on forums

First, this is obvious nationality discrimination. It’s impolite, aggressive, and rude.

Second, there are bad people in all countries, many people will even deliberately use the language of other countries, pretend to be players from other countries, cause havoc everywhere, and attempt to cause disputes between two servers. We should improve our ability to identify. There are too much people lack of ability to think so that griefers could easily pretend to be foreigners to create conflicts.

Third, no matter which country the bad guys come from, there is no reason to directly attack a certain country on the forum. We have experienced many, many bad guys from various countries around the world, but there are always only a few bad guys, and the vast majority of players are friendly. How can we unreasonably accuse all players in other countries because of a few people? We are not little baby, we should have judgment and cognitive abilities. Please don’t be so naive.