I'M SO SCARED! (I think we need to punish bad words in the game)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this topic. It seems that the original poster may have told a misleading story. It’s hard to tell when I don’t speak the language, so I appreciate the help from you others.

I’m not going to pursue the report of misbehavior, since so many have vouched for Chanel. @Chanel please just push the delete button for those messages which contain threats, ok?



It was a while ago and I can’t remember when, but I also had someone who murdered me in game and then continued to say absolutely horrible things to me (saying I’m better off dead and I should just kill myself now or save everyone the trouble, and that my children are better off without me…etc).

I know that this is just a game and they have no real way to hurt me IRL, but this exchange really upset me greatly…enough for me that I was scared I’d end up playing with this person again and get harrassed like that so I stopped playing for several months. I think I actually uninstalled the game entirely.

I honestly don’t remember when this was or if reporting people from the family chronicle was even possible. I just know that if I think about it even now it reminds me why I don’t play this game as much as I used to (used to be the only mobile game I played).