I'M SO SCARED! (I think we need to punish bad words in the game)

I sent the following report to Developer email address< info@dualdecade.com>.

But I am writing because I don’t have an answer.

Mail content———————————————————————————————

Hello. I always enjoy your game.

But I met a very bad mom today. (Korea-1 server)

And she wrote a very bad word in the family chronicle, and I reported it, but it hasn’t been processed yet. (I think translation problem)

The following is an English translation of what she wrote.

A) I have more to say. Your mother is a disabled and ■■■■■■■■■■

B) I think you don’t have a mother. and you will spit on other people’s coffee in real life.

C) Don’t teach me. and Your mother is a ■■■■■. I’ll spit in your face and stab you to death in real life.

D) I’ll sell your organs in real life.

E) You have to kill yourself because you waste air.

I wrote in chronicle that I was hurt a lot, but she ignored me and wrote bad words.

It’s been two hours, but the report hasn’t been processed.

I am really hurt and very sad.

She is a user who continues to use the name “샤넬”.

She said she was using the same name.

I’m afraid I’ll see her again.


The reason for the developer’s e-mail report was that it was very shameful to say the above in an open space.

But a day later, the flagging was not processed and I’m very disappointed.

Obviously there will be a translation problem. Because she uses slang. However, any Korean user will surely understand these bad words.

The Family Chronicles are readable by everyone who was together in the village.

And I think we need to punish these bad words in the game.

The next time I meet this user, I will write down my personal information in my family history. And, I will sue you for cyber insults in Korea. I’m warning you, “샤넬”. These bad words make no excuse.

English is not my first language, so please understand the wrong grammar.


Hi Beckett,
So sorry this has happened to you. You are right, threats are wrong. This person has gone even farther and is threatening death in real life and not just the game.
The flag probably hasn’t processed yet due to the holiday season. Once the developer and meditators get back from the holiday break I am sure they will remove the messages.
Again I am sorry this has happened to you. And I agree that things like this should not be overlooked.



This problem was serious, so I translated it in Japanese.
I hope this problem is resolved as soon as possible.


























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Don’t be silly. I don’t think someone would go out of their way to kill a person who they met in a mobile game. Not to mention that they have no information about @Beckett or where they live.

@Beckett, there’s no need to be scared. Just ignore it and move on, you’ll be fine.


Sorry you went through this :pensive:, that is really bad.

The developer team is on holiday vacation right now so replies might take some time.


This is the most extreme example of verbal abuse I have heard about in the Family Chronicle. Our tech team is on holiday, but can you please PM me a family tree link in the meantime, so we can track down the conversation once someone is available?



actually it is illegal in some states. 3 years in prison here in switzerland. so please don’t play it down. it‘s not okay what happend.

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They couldn’t get a reply because of holidays so they came here to ask for help, which is ok to ask for help. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a crime to announce murder on the internet in Japan.(Even if it isn’t possible actually.)
You had a scary experience.
I don’t know by what kind of process it was so.But I’m afraid that the damage will spread to others.
I don’t know, so I want you to tell me.Is there any penalty for building a lot of flags in the chronicle?
(Such as you can’t write notes any more temporarily.)

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I am a Korean speaker and tried to translate the text in more detail using the translator

A)I’m not done, I gave you a crown and asked you to do your name.i asked you what I’d do with your name. Are you dissatisfied with your name? Then why are you AFK? Motherfxxker.Then do you think you are good?Even if you wanted to die, I tried to live well together.but You threw me dozens of snowballs.can you say that you are bad for me?

B)It is not common for people to throw snowballs dozens of times just because there are no people whorx.How long have you suffered in real life?
Why are you taking it out here? Are you good at social life? I’m sure you will spit in someone else’s coffee.

C)Don’t teach me and think about what you did lol
Be my position, my child is trying to kill me with tons of snowballs.Should I use a good word? Don’t pretend to be a victim mothxx fxxker bxxxx.You won’t say anything to me in real life but i can, evenmore I can spit in your face.Don’t live like that, or I’ll stab you.Did you say you saw me often? So you’ve ever seen me swear in chronicles like this? never!

D)shut up or I’ll sell your organs

D’)Is it not bad for you to throw snowballs to kill me and is it bad for me to swear at you? how Rediculus it is

E) You have to kill yourself because you waste air.

E’)I apologize to others who may be reading this chronicle, especially to the seri

I think the author of the text is a kind of griefer, and it’s bad to swear, but we need to be neutral.


It could potentially be that someone knew they go by that name and decided to use their name while acting bad.

(I use Google Translate because of my poor English skills.)

I am a Korean server user who loves ‘You Are hope’.
I want to announce the play style of Eve Chanel.
(I was born as a child of Eve Chanel and enjoyed playing many times, so I am one of 18 people invited to Eve Chanel’s friend server.)
The fixed nickname I use sometimes is Hotsse (or HotDeal).
I played a few times on the US-1 server as “JS eve” (or Hotsse).

Korean servers have fewer users.
There is also a group chat room and a site where people who sign up communicate with each other.
There are several named Eves on the Korean server that use a static name for the Eve.
And most named Eves work kindly, politely and passionately and love their families very much.
Eve Chanel is one of the famous Eves (on a Korean server).

Eve Chanel’s usual play style:
-Dedicated to the family.
(Eve Chanel uses the nickname Chanel even when she is born a child of another family.)
-Actively communicate and communicate.
-Work addict.
-She comforts someone else’s mistake, but occasionally swears at her.
-She’s trying to persuade the GRIEFER kindly.
-She’s sometimes swear at the GRIEFER.
-At the beginning of the camp, work as much as possible to develop.
-In rich villages, conversation and work go together.
-She feels rewarded when her family plays happily.

I am a user who rarely speaks bad words.
And I do not deny that Eve Chanel had badly cursed.
But there are more chronicles and testimony to play.
It is unfair to translate only part of it.

YouTube video with Eve Chanel:

Eve Chanel Luxury (or Masterpiece) Server:
(User Hotsse)

(User Macaroon)

I have more vedeo, but I’m new user. (only 2 link)

I suggest separately.
Request more effective and stronger penalties for GRIEFERs.
A few months ago, Korean servers experienced a riot of GRIEFERs.
They were not ordinary GRIEFERs.
I’m sure they’re an organization that’s going to disrupt the game itself.

Because, in general, GRIEFERs enjoy harassment.
That’s why they try a variety of creative and bad behaviors.
But for weeks, they’ve been spinning around 24 hours, teaming up, repeating the same thing, and harassing existing users with simple repetitive labor.
Especially persistently attacked named Eves or beautiful villages.
So then famous Eves gave up the game and left.

Vandalism lasted 24 hours.
A small number of GRIEFERs were systematically born together in the target village.
They destroyed the villages, concealed each other’s sins, and gathered good people.
They killed girls and killed Eve.
They attacked Eve, who had affection for her family and village.

Would a private server be an alternative to vandalism?
The number of users of Korean server is small.
The game develops only when the users meet freely on the general server.
Users buy their own servers only when they play on regular servers.

Recently, GRIEFERs appeared on the Korean server again.
They also started vandalism.

Suggestion: Please suppress vandalism.
Once a user has been deported, the Delegate Vote button will appear in the Chronicles, allowing other ancestors to vote.
(The deportation ballot may be abused, but few GRIEFERs.)
Make your accumulated penalties stronger.

Thanks for reading.

And happy new year. :slight_smile:

(빈약한 영어 스킬 때문에 구글 번역을 씁니다.)

저는 유아홉을 사랑하는 한국 서버의 유저입니다.
저는 이브 샤넬의 플레이 스타일을 알리고 싶습니다.
(저는 이브 샤넬의 자식으로 태어나서 여러번 즐겁게 플레이 했고, 그래서 이브 샤넬의 친구 서버에 초대받은 18명 중 한 명입니다.)
제가 가끔 쓰는 고정 닉네임은 Hotsse(or HotDeal)입니다.
US-1 서버에서는 몇 번 ‘JS eve’ (혹은 Hotsse)라는 이름으로 플레이했습니다.

한국 서버는 유저 수가 적습니다.
그리고 단체 채팅방과 사이트가 있어서 가입한 사람들끼리 의사소통을 합니다.
한국 서버에는 이브 이름을 고정적으로 쓰는 네임드 이브들이 몇 명 있습니다.
그리고 대부분의 네임드 이브들은 친절하고 예의 바르며 열정적으로 일하고 가족을 매우 사랑합니다.
이브 샤넬은 (한국 서버에서) 유명한 이브 중 한 명입니다.

이브 샤넬의 평소 플레이 스타일 :

  • 가족에게 헌신적입니다.
    (이브 샤넬은 다른 가족의 아이로 태어날 때도 샤넬이라는 닉네임을 씁니다.)
  • 대화와 의사소통을 적극적으로 합니다.
  • 일 중독자입니다.
  • 그녀는 타인의 실수를 위로하지만, 이따금 자신의 실수에 욕을 합니다.
  • 그리퍼에게도 상냥하게 대해서 설득하려고 합니다.
  • 가끔 그리퍼에게 욕을 합니다.
  • 캠프 초반에는 최대한 일을 많이 해서 발전시킵니다.
  • 부유한 마을에서는 대화와 일을 병행합니다.
  • 그녀는 가족이 즐겁게 플레이하면 보람을 느낍니다.

저는 욕을 거의 안 쓰는 유저입니다.
그리고 이브 샤넬이 심한 욕을 했음을 부정하지 않습니다.
하지만 더 많은 연대기와 플레이 증언이 있습니다.
단지 일부만 번역하는 것은 불공정합니다.

이브 샤넬과 함께 플레이한 유튜브 동영상 :

*** 새 유저는 2 링크만 가능하다고 해서 한글버전에서는 뺍니다. ***

저는 별도로 건의합니다.
그리퍼들에 대한 더 효과적이고 강력한 패널티를 요청합니다.
한국 서버는 몇 달 전에 몇 그리퍼 집단의 난동이 있었습니다.
그들은 평범한 그리퍼가 아니었습니다.
저는 그들이 게임 자체를 영업 방해하기 위한 조직이라고 확신합니다.
왜냐하면, 일반적으로 그리퍼들은 괴롭힘을 즐깁니다.
그렇기 때문에 다양하고 창의적인 나쁜 행위를 시도합니다.
그러나 몇 주 동안 집요하게 24시간 돌아가며 ‘팀을 이루어’, ‘똑같은 행위만 반복하던’, 그들은 ‘단순 반복 노동’으로 기존 유저들을 괴롭혔습니다.
특히 네임드 이브들 혹은 아름다운 마을들을 집요하게 공격했습니다.
그래서 그때 유명한 이브들이 게임을 포기하고 떠났습니다.
반달리즘은 24시간 이어졌습니다.
소수의 그리퍼들은 조직적으로 타겟 마을에 함께 태어났습니다.
그들은 마을을 파괴하고, 서로의 죄를 감춰주고, 선량한 사람을 모함했습니다.
그들은 가족과 마을에 애정을 쏟았던 이브들을 집중 공격했습니다.
그리퍼들은 여자들과 이브를 죽였습니다.

개인 서버가 반달리즘의 대안이 될까요?
한국 서버의 유저들의 수가 적습니다.
일반 서버에서 자유롭게 만나는 유저들이 즐거워야 게임이 발전합니다.
유저들은 일반 서버에서 플레이가 즐거워야 개인 서버를 구매합니다.

최근에 다시 한국서버에 그리퍼들이 나타났습니다.
그들은 또 반달리즘을 시작했습니다.

건의 : 반달리즘을 억제해 주십시오.
추방 투표를 받은 유저는 연대기에 추방 투표 버튼이 표시되어서 다른 조상들이 추가로 투표할 수 있게 해 주세요.
(추방 투표가 악용될 수도 있지만, 그리퍼들은 소수입니다.)
누적된 패널티를 더욱 강하게 해주세요.

읽어주셔서 감사합니다.
새해 복 많이 받으세요. :slight_smile:


@JS-Hotsse Welcome to the forum, and thanks for approaching this issue by turning it into a conversation not an argument.

The swearing was bad and still needs to be removed. But I agree that making it easier to stop griefers is a better way to prevent people from getting so angry in the family chronicle.

Happy New year to you too. :slight_smile:

Hello all, here is Chanel.
I have played this game from the early days of this game. Since then, Being kind to all the users and giving my hearts were my delight. I can tell it is my actual pleasure that I see them being happy.
However, the person who wrote the things didn’t mention anything about what she did.
Sad to say, the poster is my child.
I sent her a crown as a present and put the heart on the name as well. It was just my favor to show my love from the bottom of my heart.
However, she tried to lure me towards snakes and she failed. At this point, she threw snowballs multiple times to me and cursed me out. (I couldn’t do anything but i got hit with snowballs in panic.)
I admit it is my fault that I did swear. I was exhausted because I had endured lots of and severe evil things. I sincerely apologize for my bad that makes you feel uncomfortable.
However, I swear that I didn’t do anything bad behavior from an anonymous. That’s why I cannot understand her at all.

おはようございます。 私はシャネルと申します。






안녕하세요 저는 샤넬이라고 합니다.

저는 이 게임을 오래 전부터 해왔던 유저이고
다른 유저분들에게 친절하게 대하고 사랑해주는것이 저의 낙이였고 그로 인해 사람들이 행복해 하는 것을 보는 것이 저의 즐거움이었습니다.

하지만 저분은 자기가 일으킨 일은 다 빼놓으셨더라구요.

저 글을 올리신 분은 제 딸이십니다.
왕관을 선물하기도 하고 이름에 하트까지 달아주며 사랑을 쏟았지만

저를 뱀 근처까지 유인해 죽이려다 실패하자 눈덩이를 수십번 던지고 저주와 폭언까지 했습니다.
(저는 너무 놀란 나머지 눈덩이를 계속 맞고 있었습니다)

지금까지 너무 많고 심할 정도의 그리퍼짓을 참아오다보니 폭발해버려서 심한 말을 해버린것은 정말 제 잘못임을 인정하며 반성하고있습니다
많은 분들의 눈살을 찌뿌리게 해서 죄송합니다.

저는 맹세코 익명속에 숨어 그리퍼짓을 해본적이 없습니다. 그런 저에겐 저분은 결코 이해할수 없는 사람입니다…


Welcome to the forum @Chanel, and thanks for replying nicely.

Sorry you went through this. Maybe you can share some thoughts how to improve the game so players don’t have to end up angry in the chronicle ?

Is throwing snowballs a big problem and more harm than good in the game right now? And what are your thoughts on the banishment system, like do you find it inconvenient to use?

Also it would be nice if you can delete the post from the chronicle yourself and maybe replace it with a statement of what happened without the swear words :slight_smile:

Hello I am korean.

There are some problems with beckett’s article.

First, beckett did not translate all the text in that picture correctly.

Chanel of A said:

(Line 1) I haven’t finished speaking yet.

This means that there was a conversation about something before.

beckett did not post what he had done before.

(Line2) Chanel gave beckett a crown.

(Line 7) Beckett said “I’ll die”. Chanel gave her a crown and asked that she wanted to live together.

But Beckett threw a lot of snowballs at Chanel.

Beckett only translated Chanel’s bad words,

The fact that Beckett didn’t explain the story together

Watch out for the witch hunt Chanel is not a witch.

Beckett had to write his story fairly.

I played a lot on Chanel and Korean servers.Chanel let me know the fun of this game.Born gave me a lot of love. In front of her I had no reason to hate this game.

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샤넬엄마는 무척 따뜻한 사람입니다. 태어나는 모든 아기들을 사랑으로 환영해줍니다. 그분 덕분에 저는 그리퍼때문에 그만두려던 게임을 다시 하게 되었습니다.

Chanel is a very warm person. We welcome all babies born with love. Thanks to him, I replayed the game I was quitting because of the gripper.

그래서 이름도 샤넬맘이 지어준 이름으로 이브로 태어나면 게임을 하는 겁니다. 그녀는 죄가 없습니다. 있다면 싸움의 원인인 그녀의 또다른 아이에게 있다고 생각합니다. 눈을 계속 던지면 게임을 방해받으면 누가 기분이 좋습니까? 현재 한국서버는 조직적인 그리퍼로 힘든 상황입니다. 몇시간, 하루, 이틀, 일주일 고생한 마을이 그들로 인해 부서지는 허무함이 힘듭니다. 그래서 가끔 힐링하러 일본에 놀러 갈 정도 입니다.

That’s why Chanelmom gave birth to Eve. She is not guilty. If so, I think it’s in her other child who’s causing the fight. If you keep throwing snow, who feels good if you get stuck in the game? Currently, Korean server is a difficult situation as an organized gripper. Villages that have suffered for hours, a day, two days, or a week have difficulty breaking them down. So sometimes I go to Japan to relax.

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Is this organised griefer situation still on going ?

그렇습니다. 잊을만 하면 그들은 계속 오고 있습니다. 그래서 아이가 없는 무덤 체인을 할 때 외롭지만 마음 한편으로는 그리퍼도 없기에 안심하게 됩니다.

That’s right. If they forget, they keep coming. So when you are doing a chain of graves without children, you feel relieved because you are lonely but do not have grippers on the other hand.

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Hi Criss this is me!~ i have hope Please Forgive Channel

저 또한 그리퍼 유저들의 피해자 중 하나입니다 그들 때문에 저는 수도없이 이 프로그램을 삭제 할 것을 고민 했지만 마지막으로 기대를 걸고 인터넷 소셜 커뮤니티 네이버 카페 원아워원라이프 카페를 찾았고 나를 너무도 사랑으로 키워줬던 샤넬 님을 찾았고 그리워 하는 유저들의 명단에 저의 이름을 발견했습니다 그래서 고민할 것도 없이 그들의 그룹에 들어갔고 명품 친섭 회원이 되었습니다 저는 지금도 그렇고 앞으로도 계속 과금을 할 것입니다 샤넬님이 있는한 계속 과금을 할것입니다 이 프로그램을 접는 마지막 순간에 지친 나의 손을 잡아준 그녀에게 생긴 위기를 모른척 할수 없기에 글을 씁니다 샤넬 그녀에게는 이젠 내 심장을 내어줘도 좋을만큼 소중한 사람이 됐습니다 마음 씀씀이도 상냥하고 내가 아는 회원중 그녀를 싫어하는 이는 전혀 없습니다 편파적이고 형평성이 어긋나는 일부의 조작질에 그녀가 처벌 받는것은 백번 부당합니다 그녀를 싫어하는 소규모 집단의 장난에 놀아나지 마십시오 크리스토퍼 저는 당신을 알수 있어요 당신은 제가 아는 사람중 가장 사랑이 많은 사람입니다 로그인에 어려움이 있어서 늦게나마 글을 올립니다 우리 명품가문 가족분들 너무 사랑해 ㅠㅡㅠ 올해도 다같이 무한발전 하기 ^^♥