Im sorry

Hello fellow players of YAH I want to confess and be forgiven…

Less than half a month ago Irl I was born in New Venice and was being harassed and bullied by other players so when I got older what I decided to do is to take the batteries that go to the radios and hide them behind some trees in the north of New Venice but when I was born again I spawned directly in New Venice again but at the time another player with an id nearly the same as mine was born so everyone that was looking for the batteries assumed it was the other baby and not me…

But until that day I have been region banned and learnt my lesson, But recently I have helped in the development of Royal Village and have had a great time with the amazing people there!

and in Royal Village, I’m planing with the OG owner to build a small island to put a house on

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer but all I want is forgiveness.

P.S Sorry for any spelling mistakes English is not my first language.


i’m sorry to hear you got harassed and bullied. i guess it’s this story you are talking about.

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Yes, that is the one but remember all I want is forgiveness…


I hope that @Swizard accepts your apology. :grin:

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lol @WumboJumbo

It’s nice that you confessed and I am happy you found a good home in Royal Village.


@Swizard Thank you for accepting my apology It feels nice to know that you are forgiving me I will refrain from hurting the village instead of the harassers/bullies thank you I hope to see New Venice again.




That’s so nice of you to apologize. Hope you have a nice gameplay from now on :slightly_smiling_face:


We all accept your apology.