Important note to all previous beta testers

Immediately after our release, we received a fairly large amount of complaints that the controls were hard to understand and that the tutorial was not enough. You who played the beta know already that the controls are actually quite simple, but not all of them are self-explanatory.
We have rushed to create a new release to fix this problem for new players. It is rolling out as we speak, but the process takes several hours. This means that the version 0.9.10 from the beta will no longer be valid. Since the beta is over, we will not be pushing the new version through TestFlight or Google Play’s testing system. If you are still on the beta version, it will cease to work some time soon.

Thanks everyone!

To be honest with you, most beta testers came directly from PC. Where we already knew how to play. So the only thing we had to learn was the controls alone. The new players that came with the release are trying to learn everything at the same time. Figuring out what everything is and does as well as recipes and controls all while trying not to starve. I can imagine this would be quite difficult, even if we tell them exactly what to do. While I was learning the game I set up my own server to practice on. It took me hundreds of lives to before I was confident enough to play with others that were relying on me. The release has been out for less than a week. What we need now is to give the people who are serious about playing time to learn at their own pace.

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Yeah, I had an issue with the control at first. But after putting a few dozen hours in a row, I’ve pretty much got a hang of it. Actually, it’s harder on the desktop now because I’m inclined to click and drag now lol.

I really hope it won’t die out, especially the Japanese servers with the massive amount of players. Losing them would be a drag…

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My husband is playing and it was very fustrating for him to use controls. He also hates the book, bc he doesn’t understand it.

I don’t have the PC version, but I watched a lot of videos. I don’t remember having issues learning how, just practice on doing it.

We tod you about this wile we were at the betta. This “control problems” shouldn’t be a surprise for your team. I’m a PC veteran with almost 300 hours played. It took me several lives, and allot of research on the forum to finally master the controls. To this day I still getting frustrated some times when I want to multitask, like smithing as an example. Its not a surprise to me to see numeros of newbies complaining about the game mecanics.
I will say it one more time: Please, find a better way for the controls. This swiping method is good until a point, after that is a head ache.

Best regards:

Sylar Uchiha

Well, yes and no. Though related, the issues new players have are not the same as your. You understand the controls, and hope that they can be improved or changed for the better. The new players (some of them) don’t understand them and require a better explanation in the game.

You guys told us that there needed to be a tutorial to explain, and we included a tutorial. That tutorial was apparently not good enough for everyone to understand, because it explained the controls in words only. We have fixed this now.

Regarding the controls themselves, we got some feedback that they were not ideal and more feedback that they were good. It’s a difficult problem to be sure, and we still want to hear any ideas on how they could be improved. Swipe is more difficult than tap, but making crafting easier at the expense of making it more difficult to pick up items or move, may not be the way to go.

Jason has left and right mouse clicks mean different things depending on what you’re holding and/or clicking on, while we have tap always meaning pick up item (or move if tapping on ground), and swipe always meaning use item. I think that ours is better, but if we could have the phone distinguish between a left-tap and right-tap, instead of having tap plus swipe, that would be ideal. No phone does this however :sob:

Please continue to give feedback. We listen always listen to it and think about how to use it. It’s a jigsaw puzzle though, all pieces must fit, not only the irritating one in your hand at any given moment.

Thanks for your caring about the game!

Cant purchase after uninstall.

Is that AppStore or Google Play? Would you mind trying again after a while? Thanks!

Am I understanding this correctly?

That means that the version we are currently beta testing will stop working “soon” and we will no longer be able to download it from Test Flight? If this is true, how do I get my OHOL mobile fix? I’ve been obsessed since I joined the testers a week ago!

The controls were difficult, especially on a phone, but not debilitating. I occasionally have trouble putting a baby down, often leading to the death of us both, but its not enough to not play. Maybe utilize a long press, instead of swipe to put items down? it works sometimes, but not all the time.

Don’t give up on us, we love this game! <3

Oh, i just saw the official release in the app store for 4.99USD. Buying it! thanks!