Improving Yum for early settlements

The Yum system is supposed to encourage eating a varied diet, by giving a bonus when you eat different kinds of food. It’s design is a bit flawed though. It’s hard to use in new settlements, and it is totally overpowered in advanced cities, where 20 different foods could easily be lying on the ground. The fact that Yum is so overpowered is blocking us from adding more food types.

Here is a thought of a more reasonable system, which could be useful to more players and is not “breaking the game” in advanced cities:

  • Each food type can give you a bonus once every 10 minutes. A food type gives the same amount of bonus as it gives food, but not more than your number of food squares (so new babies can only get 4 bonus from one food item).
  • Eating the same food type again within 10 minutes doesn’t break any yum chain. It just doesn’t give the bonus again. Once 10 minutes have passed since you last got the Banana bonus, you can get a new Banana bonus, etc…

With this system, people in early settlements would get the same bonuses from every food type as people in developed cities, since there is no exponential growth. Seems fair?

Note: I have not scheduled this for implementation. No need to tell me that I am breaking the game for you. Just tell me (and the others) what you think is good or bad with the idea. :wink:

Update: adding examples
If you have 10 food bar size, 6 filled and 4 of the food boxes are empty, then…

  1. a food item which gives 7 food would fill the food bar, plus give you 7 bonus food.
  2. a food item which gives 10, 11, or more food, would fill the food bar and give 10 bonus food (can’t give more than your food bar size).
  3. a food item which gives 3 food, would fill three boxes on the food bar, plus give 3 bonus food.
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I don’t want to change the yam system. Most ordinary people are satisfied with two kinds of pies and berries

The first thing I noticed when I came back from a long break was the cake.What I felt after eating cake was Wow! That’s ridiculous, the cake offers two yum bonuses!
Because the yam system gives a bonus of 5 and 6 for the first few foods but a 45 and 46 bonus afterwards.
But as I played the game with people, I felt that the yam system wasn’t much of a concern anyway, because people were eating pretty cakes with a special feeling, not because they were eating to receive yambonus.
Most players don’t use Yambonus and don’t complain. Why do you want to change? I think it’s because you’ve seen about 400 yambonus and because he’s a solo player, I think this is pretty authoritarian.

Mostly, it’s so we can add more new foods without breaking the balance of the game. Right now the balance is off for advanced settlement, but if we add more “easy” food items, it would break for early settlement as well.

(also, the current Yum is badly designed. It’s annoying to see it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

・When getting it once, a bonus doesn’t go off until it’s consumed naturally.
・A bonus is increasing by eating food of how many kinds it’s while rotating using 10 minutes as a guideline.
Is such understanding OK?

・A chance of childbearing also increases at a village in an early stage.(Isn’t the point that a yum bonus influences the order of priority different?)
・A possibility that a beginner survives becomes high.
・The person who pays attention to a yum bonus may increase.(The person who pays attention feels little by a beginner server.)
・Even old age becomes easy to concentrate on work.

・The necessity with which the kind beyond fixation is made disappears.(Something which has a lot of procedures like a taco in particular)
・It may not be a little quite satisfactory to the person who has worked on a yum bonus seriously so far any more.





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I want you to add food as well as other things
How is plastic? We use oil(the material of plastic)and we can say that the most important development in human history is plastic.
When plastic and rubber are combined, it becomes an eraser You can’t erase or burn a writing on a piece of paper now. It’s annoying. If there’s a slang(like f word)on a piece of paper, you’re riding horse a few kilos to throw it away.

You can also make watering cans from plastic, not just watering them in a bowl like this now, but watering the berry one bucket.

If you make a knife from plastic, you won’t accidentally kill someone while cutting the bread lol.

How about a plastic basket? What is a plastic pot?
The most important thing is that all plastic can be burned and we don’t have to worry about the environment in the game(It does not increase indefinitely)

I’m sorry for leaving the point yum system😏

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So if im reading this right it would mean that you would only be able to double your your food bar per item eaten at the maximum.

Also there wouldnt be a yum chain any more making it impossible to get things like a simple berry to give plus 20 yum or even 40+ (which is somewhere around the maximum possible without exploits)

Sounds alright at first glance but i feel like high return foods like three sisters stew every ten minutes while dressed would be much more then you would need.

My sugestion would to be leaving the yum chain as is but making it so that each food has a maximum it can give.
For example berry can give +2 yum at max
All Pies can give +10 yum at max
Three sisters stew can give +15 yum

Then if you add a indicator to the recipie book to show their max yum i feel like it would be a smoother system and would make certain foods more sought after that normally are ignored.

You mean if someone lost his or her connection, he or she have to become a baby again?

Nutritious food is more valuable than before.But limiting its maximum is not a good idea.
No maximum,and a food type gives the half amount of bonus as it gives food.What do you think of this