Inappropriate behavior

Do you remember the person who would name their children inappropriate names? She’s back. Here is a few screenshots.
(My child with an inappropriate name was named by her and not me)

If you have any other sightings of this person, please let me know, I am not completely sure if this is her but either way, as a community we have to stop this inappropriate behavior, because one, it defeats the purpose of this game, and two, I’ve seen people as young as 6 years old (including my irl sister) play we are hope.


Possible griefer spotted? Someone named beccax once griefed towns and left messages, spotting?

There is a real becca x and a fake. The fake is going around causing trouble and leaving notes pretending to be her. There have been a few people talking about this already. The real becca x is very nice so it sucks someone is doing this to her


Yep, I was one of your brothers in this family. I walked off and found a wolf to end my game. I wanted no part of this. Its a shame.


Wow, this is still going on? Its been a while now, I met a fellow yesterday bragging about destroying book town saying she was the 3rd greifer. I dont get these people…

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This is why I trust no one lol you can be Kumbaya in one game and then banning each other in another lolsss

Yep I’ve seen this situation happen

It is a shame I agree…but this is still continuing and it’s horrible…


Also there have been many cases of griefs…like many many cases….I’ve encountered a few myself…and ppl who would just randomly pick me up and try to kill me for no reason…it’s strange…

This name scares me…idk if this person is a greifer,hacker, or your local 5 year old…but it’s uh…concerning…


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