Increasing the limit of eve

We know that the limit of eve in the server is 3,if it more than 3 the new eve will lost her eve spawned. Do you think it will makes a great difference if the limit is increas, like 5 maybe?

Singapore server has many player now. By now is the highest server in my server list. My eve spawned lost so many times that i can count. So, what if the limit is 5,would it makes a difference? What do you guys think?

Its actually worst than that right now. Its actually if there are four fertile woman in game you lose your eve spawn. Making it unlikely for you to keep your spawn at all.

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What about asking dd to like make the server to show the number of eve in Singapore server? I think it will be very helpful.

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That’s a good idea.

What we need is a spawn device. Something that is hard to make, but it will give you the possibilities to be back at your town.

It could be a bed for example. No exactly like Minecraft, but similar in the spawning system.

Other ideas can be implemented as a solution for it.
Me in particular still beliving that fixing the eve spawn will be better than just making the eve spiral, because the lack of active playes make it really hard to advance in teck. Im dreaming the day that a solution is addressed to this problem. Im tired of been starting from scratch over, and over, and over aging.


What about an easy eve spawn recipe . Put all three type of stone in the same space and they will form a triangle . Put a skewer to them and then use a stone to build the eve marker. Only eve (the one who build it ) can remove the eve marker. In another case , even the eve is reborn to the same village , only she can remove the marker . The marker can be removed with sharp stone same like the Home marker. If eve no longer want to be reborned in the same place , just remove the marker . If eve regrets removing the marker , build it back at the same place again and in the case even after removing the marker , the triangle base consist of three different stone stays the same . Enjoy spawning to the same place .

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Thank you. This is the tipe of ideas that we need right now.

Any other suggestions?

I think a permanet eve spawn would require a monoment type of building. Something that requires a high tec level to. Like using a newcomman lathe to build statue parts from stone blocks or copper. Then assemble it for a statue but only eves could build it. Also it could auto name the eve to match their name when they built it.

If the statue could be used in conjuncter with the old eve system then it would be enough to reward great players who can make it that far up the tech tree in a life or two. Also it would help towns with bell towers advance faster.

But i think that might make towns advance to much so they would need to increase the spawns for apocalypse related things.


Building new tech for eve spawn is 1 thing. I wish they would change the fertile women spawn back to fertile eves. I’ve spawned in 10 people in a server, spawning as an eve and losing my eve spawn. It sucks, and it has happened on multiple occasions. If there are more then 5 people on I don’t even want to be born in for fear of losing my spawn.

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i just respawned as an eve, what is kinda unusual these days. i thought yaaaaaaas im so lucky today! i did hit the jackpot. but then — i had 4 kids and 4 of them were boys. :joy: damn game where are my grandkids?

it should be like in real life about 50% to 50%.


It’s a little bit tricky but more than 5 is usually a lot saver to born as eve. The worst is when there’s more than 15, the chances to lose our eve spawned is very high. i usually born as eve 3 times in server with 5 to 12 players before i finally loose my spawned. But in 15 to 25, i lost it every time. Every times!

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You are right . There was once I was an eve, all my 3 kids were sons. All of them are hardworking and the place I chose was perfect . Guess what? No girls. I think the kid spawning system needs to be fixed. Logic is needed. For example , an icon that shows the number of girls and boys in a certain age(for example : girl 0-20, girl 21-40 and so on) will be helpful. After seeing , icon can be closed. Or for the first few generations at least , woman aged from 35 will always produce a girl. Make eve give birth from 20 onwards to make sure they choose the right place and of course, for the number of age they don’t give birth, replace them by giving more babies. Technically, I think algorithms (maths maths) is needed to produce the best placement of baby. If a baby suicide , don’t let the baby be borned in the same village for the next 10 to 30 min. Or a emergency symbol , old man and woman 55-60 can be borned in the same village if there is only 1 woman aged 35 and above in the village . But still as I say algorithms is important so the game feel natural and won’t be unbalanced (like too many village survive and each need kids and need to fight ).