Indestructable chisel

So I came across a little „feature“ I wanna share… :joy: (hope this won’t be changed tho when the devs read this :shushing_face:)

Well it’s common knowledge that you can dismantle steel tools by putting them into a bowl again. This just works if they aren’t already added to a stick. So usually when I have a chisel that is already pretty damaged and will be unusable in near future I just put it into a bowl, put a plate on it and voila - after using it on firing forge there’s a brand new iron. So one almost worn out chisel = one new iron. So far so good.
Yesterday I was about to do the same. I put the strongly damaged chisel into a bowl, but accidentally took it out again. And what did I hold in my hands? A shiny new chisel without any damage. Without smithing it new. So… I don’t know if this „feature“ was always there and I just didn’t know or if this happens to be new. Either way, I thought I share it with you guys so all of us have the knowledge of indestructible chisels (as long as it lasts). Or maybe I’m just the last person who came across this feature.


Oh wow! :star_struck: That’s nice to know! Thanks!
Funny how sometimes you come across stuff and think: Is this a feature or a bug?

Like if you split a big rock into two halves. You have a right half and left half. If you put a chissel into the right half it will turn into a left half. Then you can’t put them back together.

obj_506 = obj_505 + obj_505


Haha I didn’t know that! Good to know :joy:

Also the „wild carrot + bowl = carrot“ feature is quite funny. From now on I will think about bowls as a magical transformation tool :thinking: I think I’ll try to find more bugs like this