Interesting Sights On Eng No Kids

I’ve been roaming around the south road fron the SouthWest City, and I was curious if anyone here is familiar with these landmarks?

-Does The Road Go On Forever camp
Always fun to check in on, I love adding to the food stock when I visit.

I have never in my life seen so much corn! It’s recent, within a few months. Why so much corn? Who put it here? The corn mystery continues!

-Wilderness Shoe Shop
So many shoes! This was such a fun find, there’s old boots, and snake skins and even getas!

-Jungle Ruins
In the jungle is an abandonded castle, the walls falling down and empty bushes, but a horse still waits patiently for someone to return. It has never been fully ransacked, and lots of little treasures remain.

Anyone have other sights? I’m always up for exploring!


Hi @Zyerkai i’ve made some of the roads on En-NoKids server.

I started in SouthWest City a road south which takes 3min by horse and 6min by foot. Thats probably the road you are refering to. :slight_smile: I dont know all the landmarks there. The same road i made into the west. (each road was like around 960 tiles) Ironicly the spawns went east after that :wink: so i made a road east.

So the spawn began to rotate between the 4 points, which are around 1000 tiles away from each other. Katjes, HalfWing and others helped a lot with those roads connecting the spawn points. :slight_smile:

The jungle ruins are probably 1 year old. It got made for the christmas party. So cakes could be stored there. If im remember correctly NamiKaze, Crazy_Kvo, Ember and Quinlin were preparing the christmas party.