Invisible Baby Glitch

I was an Eve spawned next to an empty camp. I decided to live there and had 2 babies that ran away. I was on the hunt for iron when I had my third child and they didn’t run, so I decided to bring them back to camp.

As soon as I arrived, the child, probably abt 1 or 2, disappeared out of my arms. At first I thought the game lagged and they simply jumped down and left. But when I tried to pick things up, I couldn’t. I starved to death not long after.

As soon as I starved, the baby, now at least 3, appeared again in the spot I died. I was then taken to the black screen and then the family tree, that showed the child was still alive.
This has never happened to me before, and I was really disappointed. The camp was such a lucky place to spawn.



Sounds like a serious lag issue.

It may sound like a lag issue, and that’s what I thought too, but I’ve noticed that when you’re lagging normally, the hunger bar stops moving and doesn’t move until you get thru the lag. However in this situation, the hunger bar went down the whole time, until I eventually starved, still unable to pick things up.

Wow, that is weird.

This has happened to me before. I couldn’t see the baby and tried to pick up something else, but noticed upon failing that my arms were in the position usually taken when holding a child. I “put down” the invisible baby and they finally reappeared.

Strange bug, thanks for reporting it. I guess the workaround for now is to drop your invisible child when this happens.
If this happens to you again, it would be helpful if you can remember as much as possible about what happened up until the point where the baby got invisible, and wrote it down for us. This may make it possible for us to recreate the problem and fix it.
Please also try talking to the child and asking the baby player how it looks for him/her.


Kyom is messing with us all!

This happened to me before. Mentioned it in one of my life storys. It seems to happen when you have really bad conection, i was playing without wifi and my phones signal fluctuates a lot from 3g to LTE. The baby turns invisible when you pick them up and you cant put them down or pick up any thing else. I managed to survive because i had full hunger and knew how to controll my temprature. I think when the baby got to big to pick up he atomatically popped out of my arms and became visible again. I suspect on his side he saw some wierd things to.
Also the baby was talkative before and after the glitch but when it happened i didnt see any msagges from him untill he popped back out.

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