Invitation to spawn ideas for the YaH sequel game / 次回作へのアイデア交換会にご招待

I will be running a fun project next week, and I hereby invite you to participate with your ideas!

I will put most of my other duties to the side and focus only on inventing content for the next game’s tech tree. I will travel to a cabin in the woods and bring pens and lots of paper and just write down lots of ideas. The cabin has internet though, so I can also be in contact with you guys, and hear your ideas on what items should exist in the world of YaH2 :slight_smile:

Here is the context: The world consists of islands, which are spread out over different climate zones: Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temperate, and Cold. Within each of these, there are multiple biomes and sub-biomes, that decide what plants and animals can be found there. Living on a cold island will therefore be quite different than living on a tropical one. They won’t have the same resources, so the things you can build there also differ between islands.

In addition to countable items, there will also exist measurable resources, such as water, grain, milk, clay. Unlike in YaH a “Bucket with Milk” is not one object type. It’s a “Bucket” item, in which a certain amount of the resource “Milk” is kept. If you use part of the milk to make porridge, then the rest of the milk is still in the bucket and can be used for something else.

Like in YaH, you create new items by combining other items, and you don’t have an invisible inventory that you gather resources into and make new items from. Your tools and ingredients are either in your hands, on the ground, in containers, or on a work surface (for example a work bench) that you use to organise several ingredients.

So every creation of an item can be described using:

  1. a list of ingredients (type and amounts), which will all be consumed by the creation.

  2. a list of Tools which can be used for the creation. This is a list of alternatives (for example “Flint Knife”, “Steel Knife”, “Fillet Knife” for cutting something) and the Tool is not consumed by the process. A “Tool” is something you use with your hands, and we also consider your empty hands to be a Tool, so a creation always requires the use of one tool.

  3. optionally, a Technology that is required. A Technology is sort of a Tool which you can’t hold in your hands, such as a Fire, a Kiln, a Stove, etc. Like a Tool, a Technology is used, but not consumed by the creation process.

*Note: This is a simplification. The full game will also have skills which can be required (and which you can learn and improve), the tools can have different attributes which make it easier to make high-quality items, doing work will cost Stamina, but less if you use higher tech tools, and so on…

The easiest type of island to survive on, is the type that you have seen in the videos and images we have shared. It is a warm place with savannah and jungle as the main biomes. That is the environment where life first starts in this game, and it’s also the most primitive. The warmth makes clothes optional, and lots of foods can simply be gathered. It is possible to survive without knowing a lot of technology.

The harshest climate is on the cold islands. Here you will die quickly if you don’t have good clothes and shelter, and most food will require hard work to come by. Fishing and hunting will be common tasks and it will be a difficult challenge to build a civilization, because most of your effort will be required to just stay alive.

So my creative task for next week is to come up with good ideas for which plants, animals and resources should occur naturally on islands in different temperature zones, and which items (foods, tools, techs, …) you should be able to create, catch or grow by using the 1,2,3 formula above. I am hereby inviting you YaH fans to participate already in the early stages. During next week, I will sometimes log on and have a live chat in the Discord channel with those who are interested (I will post times a little bit in advance). Hope to see you then!

// Christoffer

Here is a link to our Discord server:
We will use the channel called “the-next-game”



私は今あるその他の作業を全て置いておいて、次回作の技術ツリー作成に専念します。森の中の小屋にペンと大量の紙を持ち込んで、たくさんアイデアを書き出すのです。小屋にはインターネットがあるので、皆さんとコンタクトできるし、皆さんの思う次回作に必要なアイテムのアイデアをお聞きすることもできます :slightly_smiling_face:





  1. 必要材料のリスト(材料のタイプと必要量):一度の作業で全て使い切ります。

  2. 必要工具のリスト:こちらは選択肢で(例えば「火打石のナイフ」か「鋼のナイフ」か「フィレナイフ」で何かを切る)、工具は一度の作業では使い切りません。「工具」は手で使うもので、また「手」も一つの工具として捉えますから、全てのアイテム作りに必ず一つは工具が必要になるということですね。

  3. オプションとして、必要な技術が発生します。この技術は、手ではつかめないもの、例えば火や窯、暖炉などのこと。工具と同様、作業で使い切るものではありません。