iOS Beta still going?

So is the open beta for iOS still going or is it done now and are there any spots available because I’ve been sending messages for last 2 days and haven’t received a response.

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Ye same i’ve been Sending messages and I really want to play because it’s a good game and no ok ehass responded.

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@Christoffer is the one that you have to send the message to. Also download the Test Flights app.

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Okay so if you actually took a look around the forum you’d know that there are only limited spaces, Android is full and I think iOS is running out of spots.

Not that I should have to remind you but Jincheng and Christoffer are both extremely busy people, currently working on developing the game that you’re both oh so eager to play, so it would be safe to assume that a little patience on your end would be greatly appreciated by everyone

Yeah and it also says that you need to put iOS in the title and that you need to put your age reason ond other stuff in the description that if you want to take a look just go serch the top messages and its the first one there

What r you a developer no so you need to chill out and not be agressive and not to freak out when people want to now why there not getting beta invites.

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Freak out? Maybe you should just use a bit of common sense? I assume you’re a tester right?

Chill lol it’s not that serious I got a code already