iOS - Child feed problem

The mom does not feeding your babes some times.

The mom does not pick up the baby, or when she does she don’t have milk?

I think he’s referring to the mass increase in players that murder their babies

The mom pick up the baby but there are no feed up.

Are you the baby or the mom? Because if the baby is picked up, he/she should be fed unless there is a bug in the server. Or maybe the baby disconnected and died which looked like he/she starved to death.

When I have played the baby the mom pick me up to feed but the bar no filed. We tried a several times until I died starving. When I played the mother I checked the same situation.

I’m pretty sure I was your mum, I thought you had dc’ed… I asked my other child and I was feeding her just fine

What’s eating good for these days? Other then living… but what else is it good for? :confused:

Stew is good for the morale.
Stew is good for health
Stew is good for your friends.

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You funny.

Thwre good chance mom got to old to produce milk. Or little after you grow hair mom cant pick you up anymore because you are to old

I do no think so. When I was born there is an another baby what mom feeding. She feed both us and the another baby did not died (I saw it until I die).

Yeah that was deffo me