Iron mine not working?

So I have an iron mine I made in my solo server and I used the mine twice and now it won’t work anymore. The mine isn’t broken or empty, but whenever I try mine it with the pickaxe, it doesn’t respond. The basket at the mine isn’t full either. Anything I can do or should I abandon it?

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there seems to be a bug with the basket on the mine. someone else had the same problem.

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Oh okay glad it’s not just me! Thanks (:

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It’s a bug , The game’s developer have promised they will fix it soon .(fromTwitter)


If you use a brand new pick on the mine, you can push it out of this state. As soon as the mine has been used a bit, any pick will work on it. It’s some special case with used pick+new mine that hangs it.
Will be fixed, but use the work-around in the meantime.