Iron Nerf?


I just finished a walkabout to age 27 (I deliberately let myself starve at that point) through many badlands (not sure if there’s an official name for the biome with wolves and iron and bears but that’s what I call it). Where’s the iron? I walked through massive badlands where the greatest number of iron was four (and, like, three wolves for every piece of iron). I saw only one iron vein in a tiny badlands with no loose iron. I walked through at least a dozen areas where iron ore is to be found only to find it sorely lacking. I know Jason introduced an iron nerf (which the community is NOT happy about) and was wondering if it was implemented in the mobile version with the last update?



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Aww man. :frowning: But iron is so good in every stage of civilazation. :confused:


Have u noticed how much other resources there are now though? I have found spots with so much of everything else (more and bigger resource clusters).
I bet it’s a testing thing with resource levels. Idc if iron is more rare now, it takes a long time to actually need it.

Though a little more iron I think is needed. It can be a bit ridiculous to find it now as @BadKat said.

(This is on server US1 anyways)

Hey @Ranma! Haven’t run into you in game for awhile!

Even if an iron vein is somewhere nearby it takes 6 iron pieces to prep for a mine - and that leaves out the axe and other tools.

1 - for pickaxe
1 - froe (for fencepost kit)
1 - adze (for boards to make bucket)
3 - bowsaw (file, chisel and blade blank)

Make that 7 pieces. You NEED the axe to get the wood to make the boards.

I don’t think I’ve left anything out but feel free to correct me if I have!

So, based on my walkabouts, and what I’ve seen in game, it may take several generations to get to the point of mining a vein for enough iron to grow a settlement into a city. With skilled players most Eve camps have iron tools before the founding Eve dies. Fetching iron is going to have to be a full time job.

Based on the feedback I’m seeing in the PC version forum, this is something that Jason is likely to re-balance in the not too distant future.

I must have lousy luck for spawning, cuz the only thing I’ve noticed more of is wolves! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We probably have but not noticed each other @BadKat
Us1 seems to have alot of new players. Funny ur having bad spawns cause ya, water, reeds and dirt have been easy to get in large quantities. In close proximity. Definitely missing the iron though.

This amount would make sense if iron tools lasted a lot longer.

An 8th for the smithing hammer itself, sucks but im sure people can make due. We get alot of iron from mines anyways.

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:flushed: right! Cant smith without the hammer!

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The most recent banter on the iron issue at the PC forum:

:star_struck:look how far their “far” is.

I have also contributed to that thread. Let’s monitor what’s happening.

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It’s just occurred to me that, with iron more rare than gold now, iron can easily be the newest form of griefing. :weary: