Is there a schedule for updates?

Why is the lack of updates happening

Feel free to talk about your concerns and problems so chris and the dev’s check this out

Maybe things are happening in their personal life (especially with a global pandemic happening right now).

Yeah your right on that but the main game has received more updates and so why cant the dev’s of you are hope update this?

And there is only one person updating ohol game and has had more updates then you are hope even tho they can just use the update of ohol as a foundation for their update on the game.

Even so maybe not every one of them is having troubles

And if they are, how come the dev of ohol hasn’t had to stop updating. It’s still quite outrageous to me and the game is burnt out, us servers are mostly dead since there barely any updates to attract more people to the game.

OHOL and you are hope are just dying games. It’s natural. Even though OHOL has weekly updates, the servers only average 50 players at the most. Stop being so entitled and demanding updates. The developers don’t owe you anything. Find another game to play in between the time the push updates out.


yah is not ohol. dual decade wont copy any update of ohol. and there is no service contract for updates between you and the devs. so you cant demand updates as you please.