Is this normal?

So i skinned a seal and put the fur on myself. It looked like this.

Im not sure if it is supposed to look like that; i thought it would be a cape…


Yeah I mentioned this in in a different thread a while ago. The team is on it.

BTW seal fur turned to a coat is the most efficient way to make something warm (and the warmest thing in the game I can find!!)

I will almost always make these if I can over a rabbit fur coat

Seal coat is op, never waste rabbit fur for a coat.
Seal hunting is also very fun and rewarding but requires alot of food because of the temperature while trying to find seals

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I agree.

If I have enough milkweed (or after getting a sheep pen) I will go out with a pie and flint in my backpack, no shirt and a long bit of wood. Kill 2 seals, wear one as a coat and the other I will carry home.

hey presto you have 2 extra OP seal coats.