Is YAH down?

Is the server under maintenance or something?
I’ve turned on and off my iPad, and on and off the internet. everything else loads like a dream but YAH won’t let me join the server and the website won’t load. I tried on my computer - this does load, but super slow, 5+ minutes, everything else loads fine.
Are other people experiencing this? Other Australians, maybe? If not, what could be wrong?

Did you update the game?

to the most recebt version, yes. it was doing fine yesterday. I played 3 lives, all to 60.

Can you post screenshots of how it looks, and if there are any error messages?
Which server(s) are you trying to join?

Which iPad do you use? Which version of iOS are you on?

update: it is now letting me join again. i don’t know what the problem was, but it is now gone. Sorry for the late reply, I have been a bit busy studying for my impending exams. I’m on the ipad pro, and the message was something like “unable to connect to servers, connection was interrupted, check back later. may be down because of maintenance or updates” from what I can remember.

It was probably the Australian internet .3. Ive heard its conection can get really bad