Issue with horse cart loading?

Hi! I’ve been playing for around a week now but whenever I put something in a horse cart I can no longer drag to sit on the horse. It’s made horses effectively useless atm.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug but I was wondering if anyone has any advice or has similar issues? :smiling_face:


Maybe try swiping up to sit on horse, swipe down to get off the horse…

Yeah, you need to swipe up. It’s a thing throughout the game: Tap to pick up single items, like a single berry from a bowl, an item attached to a turban, anything that’s in a basket, a backpack, apron, cart or in this case a horse carriage. If you want the whole thing, swipe up! Even with stacked sticks: swipe up to get all of them, tap to get just one.

Sorry, you said you can no longer drag, maybe you’re already doing that then… Horsecarts are a bit confusing because they span over 2 tiles, while only one of them is actually functional: Both (un)loading objects and mounting the horse only works on the horse tile, and not as one might expect on the cart tile. So maybe you were swiping from there?

Just to reiterate what other people saying, you’re saying you can’t drag? If that’s not what you’re saying then you need to start from the horse and then swipe to your body. If you are doing that, and your potentially not dragging from the right place, you need to start from the actual body of the horse, not the cart, and then drag it to your body.

Otherwise you may need to update the game? Sometimes I have issues dragging the horse to my body too, and I have to anticipate where the horse is going to go so I can get there on time. My Wi-Fi is pretty good most of the time as I’m almost right next to the router, so I’m not sure why it runs a little slow. Try clearing out the cashe from some of your apps. That helped my phone run a lot faster in general and helped with the game.