Issues with respawns

People say that the rebirth issue has been fix but even when I die of old age it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do

here is how it works currently:

getting a respawn by dying of age (60 years) will only work, if you are alone on a server. the respawn are only granted, if there is no fertile women (15-40years) on the server.

as soon as there are fertile women on the server you have to use the burial methode for your respawns. get your bones buried by someone else of your family. don’t forget the gravestone, it is the trigger for the respawn.

as soon you have your respawns, it gets easy to keep them. just bury the bones from your past life.

Is it going to be like this forever? Why did he change it

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it’s actually like this since a year. but there was one server which didn’t get the tech change. i believe it’s us-beg-2.

which server are you playing on?

That one, okay it makes sense now. I like the old way better tho. I don’t understand why I have to beg people to go home

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yeah it’s not easy to get buried by someone else. i have this struggle too sometimes. i wish we had both options.

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If i remember corectly it had to do with griefing prevention. It was before the banish system was revamped i think. So it was hard to get enough players to banish a griefer in small servers and any player could easily survive to 60 with basic food chaining knowledge or temp controll or how to live off of things like goose eggs.

So it was almost impossible to get rid of a griefer once their mind was set on griefing a town.
Now they at least have to make a respawn marker there and get buried by one of the players in the town since typically on the smaller servers theres only one town with readily available shovels anyways.

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