It became difficult to be born to children of Eve and Eve by population stabilization

[Update: Population Stabilization at January 4, 2019]

Due to the familiarity of diesel engines and other crafts of users of all servers, I am disgusted by the situation where the fun of a fully developed village is only about disturbing play.

I guess this is one reason for the increase in disturbing players.

I am thinking that there is no use in villages that do not have satellite cities where Morse equipment has increased.
What is pleasant as communicating with other unknown villages in text?

The current pleasures, I thought that there were only Eve’s children who can enjoy the early pioneering era.

However, it can only be a descendant of Eve’s village already existing by population adjustment. It seems that the probability of becoming a child of Eve became very few with bodily sensation. Therefore, I think that it can be said that it is also a factor of reborn.

Also, it seems that I can no longer be born on a server with few users due to changes in user-deploy-method.

If this world is wide enough, would you make it possible to choose to be born in Eve?
This world is very very wide that was written on the official wiki, but I forgot which URL.

There are opinions that users may log in at night when there are few users, but I think that it is unrealistic solution depending on users who can not do it.










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I’ve noticed that too.

Population stabilisation does not make having children as an Eve impossible. You just need to be clever about it. Eat lots of different kinds of foods which you forage and stay close to the desert border or a fire. Foraging can produce a variety of food types which means that as long as you’ve got some siblings or children running around doing all the necessary stuff you can focus on increasing your chances of giving birth significantly whether you’re in the biggest or cities or the smallest of camps.
By the way if you want to try out being an Eve then give the English Speaking servers a try. If you can write the language it shouldn’t be too hard. The best you’re likely to get born into is a primitive farming camp.

Hi, Greenwood.

hmm, I’ll try it once. Then, I will try to renew the agenda. Thank you for your advice.

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