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The rebirth system needs fixing there’s so many flaws. I buried my own self and died of old age and I can’t come back bc no one is fertile like?? It should not be this hard to get into my own town what the hell

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if lived at least 10min and you bury yourself, you should respawn at your rebirth marker. live at least 10min and get your bones burried. mark the grave with a gravestone. i think you cant just bury bones from any of your previous lifes, it has to be from your current last life.

if you die from old age, you only get a respawn, if there is no one else on the server or no fertile women avaiable. else you will be born as baby.

for other who are reading this: you establish your rebirth marker once on a server, you dont have to set it every life. mark a home marker with the flower of a peace lily and you establish your rebirth marker. you will respawn in a 50 tiles radius around it and get a message.

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A trick ive noticed to getting yourself burried on us begginer server is to keep trying until your born in a decent camp with tools and ability to at least make carts. If they dont have very many flat stones go gather a stack or two with the cart and make a couple shovels if they have the excess steel. Bury a couple bodies to establish a grave yard but do it bassically right in the camp so people are garunteed to see them.
Then do something the other players really appreciate and see you do like making a lot of pies, becoming the rice man, supplying cloths etc . It also helps to have unique cloths on so people recognise you. Everybody tends to ignore the pelts but it really helps to get burried if you wear cloths while just working. Like the wild sheep skin or a seal skin can make you stand out and if they have sheep and a bone needle i usually just go hunt a bear and bring back a pelt to make yourself a full set of bear cloths then make the extra set of boots for the smartest looking baby in hopes they will bury you.

Or when you decide its time to die just find the most active player in the camp and trade them your bear clothes for a burial. Then lead them to the burial kit you set up (make sure everythings still there. The shovel, a roundstone, a flatstone, and some stakes and a basket other wise they might forget to bury you when they go to find what they need)

Another hint is make sure theres multiple shovels before asking to be burried. Ive gone to bury people and the shovel breaks and theres no shovels left to bury them with or the materials to make a new one.

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