Italian dishes

For some reason i feel i need more food recipes, and more uses for salt…

1 Gnocchi and butter:
Mash a baked potato in a bowl using a round stone, add flour, pour on a flat rock in the shape of a cylinder, cut with knife to get raw gnocchi.
Put raw gnocchi on a crock with salt water and boil. Get cooked gnocchi with a plate and add melted butter (optional sage leave in the butter before melting, found in grassland)

2 Very complicated Italian pasta:
Italian pasta is extruded with a bronze die. Put copper and alum in a crucible and forge. You get a bronze bar. Forge again and use a smithing hammer or newcomen to get extruding die: 1 hit for spaghetti, two for penne, three for lasagne.

Combine the interchangeable die with a steel cylider and a wooden crank and get your pasta extruder. Use a bowl of dough on the extruder and get your raw spaghetti, penne or lasagna foil.

Put raw pasta in an already boiling crock with salt water and quickly use a basket on it to get basket of strained spaghetti/penne/lasagna foil. If you are not quick enough you get unedible overcooked pasta.

Put spaghetti or penne in a large bowl and add cooked sauce - tomato (found on jungle biome) for spaghetti and vodka + cream (or cooked ham + cream) for penne.

For lasagna, put a single lasagna foil on a large pan, add either cooked carnita or cooked minced cow meat, add a third of a bowl of white sauce (cooked butter+flour+milk), add another lasagna foil and so on for a total of three layers. Cook on hot oven like you do for cake, slice and put on plate :yum:

(You also should be able to feed lasagna to cats :grin:)


Gnocchi… those soft dough dumplings… :drooling_face:

The recipe should involve dumplings. That is what I’m trying to say.

Are you talking about stuffed gnocchi? That’s also a thing, but the traditional Italian ones are not stuffed, just a soft dough made with mashed potatoes and flour

You can also use squash instead of potatoes, my favourites, topped with smoked ricotta… :yum: f***, now i’m hungry

That’s a good idea. Potatoes are currently underutilized. No one wants to plant potatoes.