Item idea for babies

So We all know that when you have ur offspring You can Only Carry them and nothing else (accept when you have a backpack) so my idea is What we could put the babies We have into the Rabbit fur backpacks or creat a backpack just for carrying them It would make feeding them a little harder but you’d just have to take em out and feed them then put them pack or give them the Bottle And yes since There’s a baby bottle In the game why not ways to carry the baby kinda disappointing that we can’t put up to 3 people in a cart that’s attached to a horse and then let’s say travel to a city with all of them instead of taking a risk of get lost or sperated from them so this is kind of what i had in idea

I’m not good at drawing on my phone XD


Someone else also had a similar idea (a baby sling). Nonetheless, we really do need a better way to carry around babies!

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